Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture (Master's Programme 2 years)


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Dive into high-quality project work while mastering strategies to reduce environmental impact. Throughout the two-year programme, students gain experience with interdisciplinary and international teamwork. The teams apply a variety of tools and strategies aiming for, in line with each semester theme, climate adapted design, low impact architecture, and integrated energy design. 

As an MSc student in Sustainable Architecture, you will become a building professional who can analyse and implement solutions for lowering the environmental impact of buildings in a life-cycle perspective. You will be trained in both the development of scientific research works and in developing architectural design projects aiming for a built environment with positive impact. 

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The continuous focus on an integrated design methodology throughout the programme enables the students to perform in any building design team striving for a sustainable built environment, both as co-workers and as leaders. 

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As a student on the MSc programme in Sustainable Architecture you have access to excellent working conditions with a modern library, digital and analogue tools, labs and study rooms. The programme's close link to the interdisciplinary Research Centre on Zero Emission Neigbourhoods and other ongoing research projects (for example the Green Deal ARV Horizon 2020 project ensures close contact with State-of-the-Art research and practice in Norway and abroad. 

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The curriculum of the MSc in Sustainable Architecture is structured around three main concerns related to the environmental impact of the built environment:

  • environmental performance
  • environmental impact
  • integrated energy design

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The programme is open to both international and Norwegian students with a 3-year Bachelor degree in Architecture, Engineering or Urban Planning.

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