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Creative Music Technology

Creative Music Technology (Master’s programme)


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Do you want to dive deep into innovative and creative ways to work with music? Would you like to explore cutting edge music production? While simultaneously developing your listening skills to know exactly which tools to use to get the sound you want? Then you should apply for the Master in Creative Music Technology at NTNU! The programme will give you the opportunity to boost your creativity, develop your skills, and increase your knowledge of an exciting field, all while giving you access to cutting edge studios and facilities.

Most music that surrounds us today is made utilizing different technologies and computer tools. With our master’s degree in Creative Music Technology you will develop a solid, professional foundation and expertise at the forefront of these technologies, and you get to delve deep into unchartered creative possibilities that new audio technology can offer. 

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Students with a master's degree in music technology from NTNU have pursued a number of professions: music producer, sound designer, audio lead for video games, acoustic consultant, sound artist, laptop teacher, researcher, sound technician in radio / TV and theatre composer. More often than not the specialization you choose during your master's contributes to your job opportunities in the related field.

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Both through your studies and social events, you will have the opportunity to get to know students from our other programmes of study at the Department of Music. Here there are opportunities to record local bands in the studio, or why not join one?

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The Master in Creative Music Technology is a two-year programme, in which the thesis work itself is accounting for 60 ECTS, the equivalent of one year of full-time studies. This enables the students to immerse themselves in their field of interest for an extended period of time. The remainder of the time is dedicated to courses that support and deepen the students' interests and understanding of their field.

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To be eligible for admission, you must have obtained a bachelor's degree in music technology or an equivalent degree. If you have a different background but think you are qualified, you will be able to apply and get an individual assessment of your previous qualifications. For students without previous knowledge in audio programming (Csound), we offer a week long, intensive introduction before the start of the course.

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For questions about the programme or the application procedure, contact our student adviser.

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