Music Technology

Master's programme in Music Technology

Music Technology

Guitar player adjusting his effect pedals

The master's programme in Music Technology provides students with the opportunity to improve and perfect their proficiency and increase their knowledge within the multidisciplinary field of Music Technology based on the interaction between music performance and technology.

The master's programme in Music Technology is an interdisciplinary programme of study within music technology performance through which students are able to improve and develop their competence and understanding of artistic performance, as well as using music technology.

This may include developing the students' capability of artistic expression through employing music technology as an instrument, or a scholarly, analytic or methodical didactic specialization in aspects of sound and technology.

In addition to elective and compulsory courses, a number of self-elected fields of specialization enable students to point their study according to their own talents and preferences, hence developing a top competence within their chosen field.

The interdisciplinary competence within musicology and music performance, as well as sub disciplines of technology such as computing and natural science at NTNU provides excellent conditions for music technology. In addition, the city of Trondheim boasts a rich and creative environment for artistic performance within music and visual arts, which may also be part of a valuable interaction with studying the master's programme in Music Technology.

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