Norwegian language requirements

Norwegian language requirements

Non-Norwegian students who wish to take a degree from NTNU that is taught in Norwegian must meet the university's Norwegian language requirements. Students must either pass the Norwegian for Foreigners course level 3 exam or the national Bergen Norwegian Language Test (both written and oral) to be eligible for admission.

Note that Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, or Swedish applicants who have graduated from upper secondary school (videregående skole) in Denmark, Finland, Iceland or Sweden do not need to document their proficiency in Norwegian.

Norwegian language courses

Norwegian language courses

NTNU has various part-time classes to help you learn Norwegian as a second language. Note that these classes are mainly for students and staff. You will not get a visa for the purpose of studying Norwegian at NTNU. 

Courses offered online

Courses offered in Trondheim

  • Norwegian for foreigners (15 ECTS)
    One-semester courses at various levels, offered in the autumn and spring semester. Open to exchange and master's degree students, PhD, staff and others.
  • Norwegian summer course (10 ECTS)
    3-week intensive language course offered in late summer. Open to new exchange students at NTNU in Trondheim. Please note that there is a fee to participate in this course.

Courses offered in Ålesund

  • ASU10207 Norwegian for foreign exchange students (7.5 ECTS)
    One-semester course offered in the autumn and spring semester, open to exchange students. At least 75%  necessary to take the written and oral exam. No fee. For more information, please contact Åse Mørkeset.
  • Norwegian course for master's degree students and employees
    Course with no credits offered during the semester for master's degree students and employees. For more information, please contact Anders Ulstein.

Courses offered in Gjøvik

  • SMF1081 Norwegian Language and Culture Course (5 ECTS)
    Course for exchange students. Offered in the autumn and spring semester.
  • Norwegian courses at Gjøvik Læringssenter (Gjøvik Learning Centre)
    Norwegian language courses at different levels, both regular and online courses. Students should contact Gjøvik Læringssenter, while PhD candidates and employees can contact their faculty for more information.