About CIUS

About CIUS

CIUS is a Norwegian Research Council appointed centre for research-based innovation (SFI).

The centre is located to the Department of Medical Imaging and Circulation at the Faculty of Medicine at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway.

CIUS aims to

  1. be a world-leading centre for research and innovation in next-generation ultrasound imaging, improving patient care, harvesting of ocean resources, and for environmental monitoring and safety.
  2. extend and strengthen the innovation culture within ultrasound technologies with emphasis on rapid translation from idea to practical application and solutions needed to facilitate new growth for the industries.
  3. be the main academic centre for ultrasound technology to ensure sufficient competence and recruitment needed  by Norwegian industries, academia, and the health care sector.

The CIUS idea

CIUS will deliver novel ultrasound technology solutions for the benefit of the involved partners, new diagnostic tools for the benefit of patients and the Norwegian health care system, important knowledge disseminated in highly recognized scientific journals, and skilled personnel to further exploit the future potential of ultrasound imaging in Norwegian industries, health care and academia.

New ultrasound knowledge and technology within health care, maritime, and oil & gas will, togehter with feasibility studies, give innovations and new practice.

The CIUS idea: New ultrasound knowledge and technology and feasibility studies within health care, oil and gas and maritime will give new innovations and new practice

Patients, society and environment benefits:

  • Improved care and quality of life
  • Safer environment

Industry benefits:

  • New products and applications
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Recruitment of competence

Academia/research benefits:

  • Increased knowledge and competence
  • Superior education and research
  • Improved interaction with industry


Asta Håberg talking about CIUS

PhD and Postdoc at CIUS

PhD and Postdoc at CIUS

PhD and Postdoc positions at CIUS will be announced at NTNU's page for vacancies.

All PhD positions have a three year period of employment. Admission to a doctoral degree programme is a requirement for employment as a PhD candidate. Read more about PhDs at NTNU here.