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Welcome to Trondheim and EuropaCat 2025!

Welcome to Trondheim and EuropaCat 2025!

It is with pride and excitement that we invite you to EuropaCat 2025 in Trondheim, Norway. This will be the 16th European Congress on Catalysis under the auspices of the European Federation of Catalysis Societies (EFCATS) and organized as a joint effort of the Nordic Catalysis Societies.

Trondheim is easy to reach and safe, with beautiful natural surroundings and a Viking history. It is a lively, urban university town, small enough to make logistics very easy for the conference participants. We will create a vibrant catalysis hub on its seaside, with easy access from airport and public communication and plenty of different hotels nearby.

And we urge you to join and bring excellent science, hard work, bright ideas, successful catalyst development, innovative solutions and an open mind. It is clear that mastering “the force” of catalysis will be of outmost importance to the resource and environmental challenges that lie ahead for humanity.

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You will find updates about the event here, but please also sign up to receive announcements as well as the call for abstracts by email. We will also create channels via which everyone dedicated to catalysis can make suggestions to the program.

Welcome to a friendly and inclusive scientific event in the Nordic spirit!

Target groups

Target groups

The target groups for EuropaCat 2025 are academia and industry focusing on fundamental research, applied research and development within catalysis.

Participants from academia include both scientists and students focusing on catalysis, reaction engineering, chemical engineering, material science, analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, photocatalysis, organic and inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, as well as computational chemistry.

Industrial participants come from businesses with focus on catalyst development and production, refining and petrochemistry, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals synthesis, energy conversion including use of renewable resources, car manufacturing (exhaust gas cleaning systems, clean combustion technologies), new materials (organic, inorganic), gas and water cleaning, abatement of emissions from stationary and mobile sources.

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News and information about the conference will be announced here as it becomes relevant. 

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Take a look at the Industry Prospectus, which gives an overview of the various options for sponsors and exhibitors.

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Heraeus is sponsoring EuropaCat 2025

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Heraeus Precious Metals is globally leading in the precious metals industry. The company is part of the Heraeus Group and covers the value chain from trading to precious metals products to recycling. It has extensive expertise in all platinum group metals as well as gold and silver. With about 3,000 employees at 15 sites worldwide, Heraeus Precious Metals offers a broad portfolio of products that are essential for many industries such as the automotive, chemicals, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, hydrogen and jewelry industry. By 2025 Heraeus Precious Metals will be the first company in the industry that operates carbon neutral.


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K A Rasmussen is sponsoring EuropaCat 2025

We are happy to announce K A Rasmussen as the latest partner for EuropaCat 2025 and sponsor of the conference dinner. K.A. Rasmussen is the leading Nordic supplier of precious metal products and catalysts, with 150 years of experience. As an international company with subsidiaries and sales offices in 6 countries refined platinum, silver, gold, and alloyed products are supplied worldwide for industrial usage.


Yara is sponsoring EuropaCat 2025

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We are happy to announce a new partner for EuropaCat 2025: Yara is attending as a Silver Class sponsor. The company with head office in Norway has a global presence with around 17,000 employees and operations in over 60 countries. As the world’s leading crop nutrition company and a provider of environmental and agricultural solutions, Yara aims to become climate-neutral and grow a nature-positive food future. They are cutting emissions in their own production, develop tools to cut emissions in the field and protect biological diversity, and are contributing to enabling the hydrogen economy.


Equinor is sponsoring EuropaCat 2025

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We are happy to introduce our first partner for EuropaCat 2025: Equinor, which is a broad international energy company headquartered in Norway with 22,000 employees in 30 countries. For 50 years, they've been turning natural resources into energy for people and progress for society. Their ambition is to be a leading company in the energy transition. Their Mongstad refinery, with a yearly capacity of 12 mill. ton crude, are heavily equiped with catalytic processes.