Keynote speakers

We are happy to announce the first confirmed keynote speakers for EuropaCat 2025:

The keynote speakers

Jacinto Sá, Professor at Uppsala University, Sweden.

His research group focuses on the development of heterogeneous photo-electro-catalysis based on plasmonics. Building on advanced ultrafast characterization methods, the group is developing unique systems for applications ranging from artificial photosynthesis to photoredox catalysis.” 

Title of lecture: Leveraging plasmonics unique photophysics to make molecules


Anna Chrobok, Professor at Silesian University of Technology, Poland.

Her research group focuses on the development of sustainable processes for fine chemicals production; designing of heterogeneous and homogeneous (bio)catalysts; the design, characterization and application of functional ionic liquids for green synthesis.

Title of lecture: A generic approach to tailoring catalysts for industrially-relevant reactions: from acidic to enzymatic catalysis

The keynote speakers 2

Alessandra Beretta, professor at Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Her research interests are in the area of catalysis for energy conversion and environmental protection. More recent interests involve the conversion of plastics, the upgrade of pyrolysis vapors, the abatement of elemental Hg from flue gases.

Title of lecture: TBA


Edd Anders Blekkan, professor and head of the Catalysis group at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway.

His research covers many aspects of heterogeneous catalysis and related technologies applied to energy conversion e.g. gas cleaning, natural gas conversion, as well as biomass and CO2 conversion. 

Title of lecture: TBA