Thanks to all attendees and contributors to the 6th Its21!

We look forward to seeing you again in Bergen in 2023!
Until then, here's a retrospect of the conference.

Its21, the 6th conference on interdisciplinary teamwork skills for the 21st century, was held in Trondheim, Norway on 16–17 June 2022.

Old wharves by Nidelven river in Trondheim

Old wharves by Nidelven river in Trondheim. Photo: Lise Aaboen


Conference theme:

Critical perspectives and the way forward

Within mainstream scholarship and management practice, it is assumed that interdisciplinary teams are essential for increased profit, innovation and knowledge sharing. For managers and knowledge workers, core questions have been how to build and manage such teams and enable them to work well inside and outside the organization. For schools and universities, the questions have been what kind of expertise the students need to be able to contribute in interdisciplinary teams and how this expertise can be developed.

Recent years have provided an increase in digitalization, accelerated by the covid-19 pandemic. This development has disrupted practices in work life and education, shifting for instance the view on proximity and work life balance. Moreover, different aspects of sustainability continue to climb on the management agendas. In this year’s conference, we invite you to reflect upon issues like: Do our accepted truths regarding interdisciplinary teamwork still hold? And did they ever hold? What theoretical and philosophical underpinnings are our assumptions based on? Are our practices sufficiently contextualized to the geographical and disciplinary spaces where they are used? Do new innovations in teamwork practices actually contribute to better results, how do we know? Why are we teaching teamwork skills the way we do and why should we (not) continue to teach them in the same way? What should we focus on in the future?

Its21 sub themes

Sub-themes (included but not restricted to):

  • Interdisciplinary teamwork in higher education and work life.
    • Interdisciplinary teamwork for sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship
    • Moral and ethical issues in interdisciplinary teamwork
    • Virtual and face-to-face teamwork
  • Collaborative and project-based learning in higher education.
    • Innovations in assessment of collaborative learning
    • Innovations in experiential learning activities for collaborative learning
    • Learning philosophies and pedagogical theories for collaborative learning

About (section)

About Its21

The conference is hosted by NTNU Experts in Teamwork and SFU Engage, with support from the Nordic Experts in teams network working on developing students’ interdisciplinary teamwork skills for sustainability.
Read more about EiT, Engage and the network here.

Target audience

Target audience

This conference welcomes attendance from those with interest in interdisciplinary teamwork, collaborative learning and group work in higher education, entrepreneurial mindset and competences for sustainability.

Program (section)


The program consists of different types of sessions including inspiring keynotes, research papers and practical practitioner development workshops. We are planning for a conference with interactive sessions that encourage activity and discussions.

Read more about the program here.

Hosted by NTNU


The Nordic Experts in Teams Network

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Time and place

Time & place
Conference dates:
16-17 June 2022
Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel
Kjøpmannsgata 73
7010 Trondheim


Important dates RSB

Important dates
Abstract submission deadline:
1 February 2022 8 February 2022 (extended deadline)
Notification of acceptance:
15 March 2022
Preliminary program ready:
15 April 2022
Early Bird registration deadline:
1 May 2022
Short-paper submission deadline:
15 May 2022
Registration deadline:
2 June 2022
16-17 June 2022