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Thanks to all attendees and contributors to the 4th Its21!

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How to successfully develop interdisciplinary teamwork skills?

A collaboration between higher education and work life

A growing need for skills in interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation is a clear trend in today’s society and work life. Product and service innovation is becoming increasingly important, and interdisciplinary teams that solve complex problems are essential for successful innovation. The core questions are then how to build such teams and enable them to work well inside and outside the organization, how to manage such teams, and what methods the teams should use for innovation. For schools and universities that educate students for such workplaces, the question becomes what kind of expertise the students need to be able to contribute in interdisciplinary teams and what skills they need to join and create such teams in workplaces that are unfamiliar with this way of working. Together we face the challenge: how to successfully develop and then make the most of interdisciplinary teamwork skills?

The main objective of the conference is to create a meeting place where researchers and practitioners from universities and private and public sectors can discuss key issues related to how skills in interdisciplinary teamwork and innovation can be developed. The conference aims to contribute to both clarification of expectations and exchange of best practices, and will consist of inspiring keynotes, parallel sessions and practical workshops.

Invitation to submit to special issue on interdisciplinary learning

Invitation to submit to special issue on interdisciplinary learning

The conference committee has received an invitation for all conference participants to submit to a special issue in the journal Active Learning in Higher Education. The title of the special issue is Interdisciplinary learning and preparation for work, and will explore how interdisciplinary activities and related preparations for work support learning. The invitation asks specifically for this year's conference topics:

  • Interdisciplinary teams
  • Innovation skills, entrepreneurial skills and mind set
  • Collaboration between higher education and work life
  • Collaborative learning and group work in higher education

Deadline for submissions is November 16 2018. See the whole invitation by following this link

About (section)


About Its21

The conference is organised by Experts in teamwork (EiT), with support from a Nordic network working on developing students’ group work in interdisciplinary teams.
Read more about EiT and the network here.

Target audience

Target audience

This conference welcomes participants from higher education institutions and private and public sectors. It encourages attendance and presentations from those with particular interest in

  • Interdisciplinary teams
  • Collaborative learning and group work in higher education
  • Innovative skills, entrepreneurial skills and mind set

Program (section)


The program will consist of different types of sessions including inspiring keynotes, parallel sessions and practical workshops. The overall aim is to stimulate to activity and discussions. Read more about the program here.

The conference also welcomes contributions in the form of oral or poster presentations on topics related to interdisciplinary teamwork skills, in workplaces or in higher education. Read more about how to contribute here.

Time and place

Time & place
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