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Lesam 2017

Lesam 2017

The Leading Edge Sustainable Asset Management of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Conference is hosted in Trondheim, Norway on the 20-22 June 2017.

Thanks to all attendees and contributors of LESAM 2017

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Asset management approaches and techniques around the world continue to become more sophisticated and widespread. Still, with each advance of success, new challenges appear and demand our attention.

Water professionals and organizations operating all around the world are confronted with tighter economic conditions and rising customer needs for greater value from their water and wastewater services. This requires more effective and lower cost solutions. To obtain this we have advanced tools at our disposal with new technologies, software and management approaches. They may enable us to deliver optimal investment outcomes that balance customer value, risk and regulatory expectations.

This will, however, require:

  • a sound understanding of emerging technologies, processes and materials
  • better qualification of risk, priorities and risk management techniques
  • development of models to predict asset failure
  • a better understanding of what customers and communities expect and their willingness to pay
  • advanced economic modelling and improved accounting for cost and benefits
  • asset configuration optimization and using rehabilitation opportunities to reconfigure networks
  • improved management systems and workforce capability

LESAM 2017 will provide a unique opportunity to discuss developments at the leading-edge in these and related fields with global participants from all parts of the water and sewage works sectors



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