1: Concrete sewer corrosion prediction by artificial neural networks

Mina Amirkanani

2: Runoff prediction and flood warning for a small river catchment supported by a web interface in Berlin

Stefano Gilli

3: Prioritizing rehabilitation interventions of water supply infrastructures using the infrastructure value index

Marta Cabral

4: TEAM 2050 Thames estuary asset management program

Paul Conroy

5: Attitudes to conservation and water consumption in East Azarbaijan (Iran)

Zehtab Lofti Elnaz

6: Public Attitudes toward Water Management and Drought in Iran

Zehtab Lofti Elnaz

7: A way to successfully implement an infrastructure asset management approach in urban water utilities

Pedro Ramalho

8: Nordic Water Network

Markus Fischer

9: Performance indicators for the assessment of criticalities in the water service and for measuring investments effectiveness, in the context of the Italian regulatory system

Antonino Fortunato

10: Pipe classes and their service life modeling as part of long-term asset master plans at Oslo VAV – experiences from 1996 until today

Chetan Hathi

11: Disaster Derived Asset Loss Estimate Mode in Pricing of Water Rate

Chia-hsuan Hsu

12: Pipe status - are the drinking water pipes in good condition

Annika Malm

13: Smart asset management through inline condition assessment of water pipelines

Dennis Gubin

14: Setting water tariff based on modified drinking water quality index

Mohammad Reza Mohebbi

15: Risk assessment and the Estimation of Priority for Renewals utilizing a Fuzzy Quantitative Model

Kim Taehyeon

16: Endeavour for Asset Management in Tokyo Waterworks

Tomoyoki Tanimoto

17: Optimal design of virtual DMAs with Gondwana: case studies in the Netherlands

Ina Vertommen

18: ResiWater - Innovative Secure Sensor Networks and Model-based Assessment Tools for Increased Resilience of Water Infrastructures

Martin Wagner

19: Asset management and early warning monitoring as prevention measures for resilience of water networks: approach by cost accounting analysis

Caty Werey

20: One Hundred Years of Preservation : Doshi Water Resource

Yuichi Yamaguchi

21: Improved tools and techniques to handle runoff water and manage assets

Per Møller-Pedersen



IWA - International Water Association Norwegian University of Science and Technology