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The future of marine operations

Utilization of marine resources is crucial in future national value creation.
The installation process and maintenance of the necessary offshore systems are demanding both for the technical solutions and for the human actions involved.
New and improved analysis methods are required in deep water and cold climate in order to document the enabling technologies to perform the marine operations.

The purpose of the SFI

The SFI centre shall support the entire marine operations value chain by developing knowledge, methods and computer tools for safe and efficient analysis of both the equipment and the installation process.  The developed methods shall be implemented in simulator environments to enable training of individual human actions as well as the team performance.  

Research and academia

The SFI centre will be used to strengthen education at the university through transfer of research result from the academia and operational experience from the industry.  The centre will facilitate a Maritime Operators Forum for exchange of information and experience between the major stakeholders within marine operations.


World leading position within demanding marine operations.

Main objective:

Establish a world leading research and innovation centre for demanding marine operations.

Calendar SFI MOVE


Marine Operations Forum

The Marine Operations Forum has been established in SFI Move to provide a platform for dialogue and interaction between researchers and experts from the industry on an annual basis.

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