The NTNU University Museum has three main buildings at Kalvskinnet in the centre of Trondheim, as well as workshops and storages.

The three buildings are named after the three founders of the Royal Norwegian Society of Science and Letters: Gunnerus, Schøning and Suhm.

The Gunnerus Building

The Gunnerus Building was drawn by several architects, including E.C.B. Christie, and built in 1868 in a simple New Roman style with evenly grouped, narrow round arch windows.

In the protruding centre part (facing Erling Skakkes street) we find the earlier entrance, framed by steatite pillars. The current entrance faces the museum area from Gunnerus street.

The building took place in stages over a longer period, a fact which is reflected by the different shades of colour on the façade.

The Schøning Building

The Schøning Building consists of several buildings that used to be production facilities for the brewery E.C. Dahl. The museum bought the buildings after the brewery moved to a different location, and in the 1970s, they were converted into offices for the museum staff, laboratories and stores.

In 2005, parts of the building were upgraded and taken in use by the museum's administration. 

The Suhm Building

In the previous century, the Suhm Building, or the "hay store" in the street Elvegata 6, was called "The Fourage Store". The current brickwork was built in 1847 following a fire in November 1844 where a log building with the same function burnt to the ground.

This first store was probably erected in 1805. The building is now listed. The Suhm Building is fenced in along with the museum's other buildings, and contains a Medieval exhibition which is open to the public.

20 Dec 2022