Parken. Foto: Vibekke Vange, NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet.

The Historic Park

If you were a follower of fashion in the 1800s you styled your garden as a landscape park. This was done at Ringve, and many of the trees planted then are still dominating the atmosphere today.

The Historic Park is situated in the south-facing slope below the main buildings at Ringve. It was constructed and planted in an English landscape style in the 1850-1870s. The park was restored and partly reconstructed in 1974-76.

The landscape garden style was inspired by nature itself, shown by the solitary trees allowed to develop freely and the winding paths below the tree crowns. Large deciduous trees, like beech, lime, elm, common horse chestnut and sycamore, dominate The Historic Park at Ringve. Among them is the largest tree in the gardens, the majestic 200-year old "Ringve beech". Its age proves that Ringve’s garden history goes further back than that of the landscape park.

In spring, bulb flowers cover the ground. In summer, the ground vegetation is allowed to grow freely to keep the impression of a natural meadow. The grass is cut once in late summer.

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Parken. Foto: Vibekke Vange, NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet.

Fra Parken. Foto: Vibekke Vange, NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet.

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