Medieval Trondheim

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Experience Medieval Trondheim

Experience Medieval Trondheim

The Medieval Exhibition takes you back to Trondheim as it was more than 800 years ago. Visit the city’s first merchant street, Kaupmannastretet, with houses and alleys in almost full size. 

The medieval city in Suhmhuset is recreated based on building remains found below the city streets. The exhibition brings you close to the medieval everyday life through artifacts from work, play and leisure: tools, shoes, game pieces, children’s toys (like a wooden sword with the inscription «Ivar»), ice skates made from bone, and the medieval version of an electric torch.  

Here, you will find everything from beautifully wrought silver crucifixes to rags found in the city’s latrines – probably used as toilet paper or sanitary pads. On the building’s ground floor, you can meet Tora; a medieval woman from the 13oos, reconstructed from her skeleton.  

The exhibition also includes a few artifacts from the Viking age, like the famous Kuli stone, which is widely regarded as Norway’s baptismal certificate, since it contains the earliest known mention of the word «Nóregi» – «Norway». The runic inscription also states that «Christianity had been in Norway for twelve winters …», which makes the Kuli Stone one of the earliest accounts of the new religion in Norway.  

Photo: Åge Hojem/NTNU University Museum

Opening hours and tickets

Opening hours and tickets

Tuesday - Friday: 10 am - 4 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 11 am - 4 pm

The museum shop is in addition open Mondays, 10 am - 16 pm

Ringve Botanical Garden is always open

Opening hours on public holidays

Where to find the exhibition

Where to find the exhibition

The Suhm building NTNU University Museum

You can find the exhibition in the Suhm building.

Medieval Trondheim exhibition

Medieval Trondheim Photo: Åge Hojem

Medieval Trondheim exhibition shoe Photo: Åge Hojem