Medieval Trondheim

Medieval Trondheim exhibition Photo: Åge Hojem

Medieval Trondheim

Experience the city as it was 800 years ago

Medieval Trondheim

This exhibition offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Trondheim as it was 800 years ago. We have recreated the city’s first main street, Kaupangstretet, with full-scale replicas of houses and side streets. 

The Medieval town was recreated according to archaeological finds of objects and remains of houses buried under the streets of Trondheim. The moist earth has preserved clothing, shoes, toys, and everyday items of all shapes and sizes are in such good condition they could be mistaken for being from the present time.

Aside from reproductions, the exhibition shows archaeological findings such as the original Kuli stone (Kulisteinen in Norwegian), a part of UNESCO's Memory of the World-program. The runic carvings reveal, “twelve winters Christendom had been in Norway”. This is one of the first testimonies of the introduction of Christianity to the country. Moreover, as it is the first mention of the term "Nóregi" (Norway in old Norse) ever used, and thus it is considered the nation’s affidavit.    

Medieval Trondheim exhibition

Medieval Trondheim Photo: Åge Hojem

Medieval Trondheim exhibition shoe Photo: Åge Hojem

Where to find the exhibition

Where to find the exhibition

The Suhm building NTNU University Museum

You can find the exhibition in the Suhm building, at Kalvskinnet Campus, Trondheim. 

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Images of the Kuli stone (text in Norwegian only)

Ticket prices

Ticket prices

The museum exhibitions are currently closed from 1st to 8th of June, due to local Covid-19 restrictions. The museum shop is still open monday through friday, from 10 AM to 4 PM.
  • Adults - NOK 100
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  • Family, group with children and adults, max. 5 people - NOK 300
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  • Family - NOK 900 (group with children and adults, max. 5 people)