NTNU University Museum publishes and contributes to multiple publications, including reports, journals, books, and scientific periodicals. These focus on specific topics related to the disciplines of the Museum’s departments, such as natural history, botany, zoology, and archaeology. Publications are produced independently of the research conducted at the University Museum.  

The following are available in English.



Gunneria og Miscellanea

Gunneria NTNU University Museum

Gunneria usually prints original work related to the museum's area of responsibility and academic areas, i.e. archaeology, cultural history, botany and zoology. The series is not periodical, and the number of editions per year vary.


Vitark no 9Vitark – Acta Archaelogica Nidrosiensia aims to present new Norwegian and Nordic research and insight into archaeological problems. Vitark publishes article collections based on national and international seminars, anthologies, monographs and scientific presentations of selected excavation projects at the Section.

Fauna norvegica

Fauna Norvegica NTNU University Museum

Fauna norvegica is an international journal focusing on Nordic fauna.In addition to faunistic studies, contributions concerning systematics and taxonomy, biogeography, biodiversity in order to describe abundance and distribution, as well as methodological development, are welcome.

Chironomus Newsletter

Chironomus Chironomus Newsletter on Chironomidae Research is an open access journal with peer-reviewed research articles and a newsletter intended for anyone interested in studies of non-biting midges (Diptera: Chironomidae).




Cover Ormen Lange - Pipelines and shipwrecks

A selection of books published by the University Museum are available in English