About the summit

About the summit

The annual NTNU and SINTEF European Strategy Summit is a high-level annual seminar bringing together leaders from Norwegian business and industry, organizations, the public sector, funding agencies, and public authorities.


This year’s focus is The Norway-EU Green Alliance - a knowledge-based and
industry-driven partnership for a sustainable future.

We are pleased to announce that the topic of this year’s event is the Norway - EU Green Alliance, which was signed by Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen in April 2023. Cooperation and joint efforts will be essential to our success in achieving our climate targets and implementing the green transition. The Green Alliance provides a framework for closer climate, energy and industrial cooperation between Norway and the EU.

The European Green Deal calls for a re-industrialisation of Europe. Low emission industries, digital technologies and renewable energy are strongly needed. Which role can Norwegian companies play in the new industrial scenery? How can we contribute and take advantage of the opportunities created by a closer collaboration with European industry and research institutions?

EU is Norway’s most important and defining market and is moving fast by investing vast resources in the green and digital transition, including programmes such as Horizon Europe and the Chips Act. NTNU and SINTEF are deeply engaged in the development of these programmes and have for many years worked to ensure that they fully take into account Norwegian businesses’ ability to contribute to the common goals. We see the Green Alliance partly as a result of this efforts. Now, new opportunities arise, and the question for the summit is simply: How can we develop the opportunities created by the Green Alliance in close collaboration with European industry and research institutions?

The format of the summit will be roundtable discussions with the aim of exploring opportunities, sharing perspectives and advising on how to put the agreement, central both to the Norway-EU relations and to a sustainable future, into action.

We sincerely hope that you will join us and actively contribute to the implementation of the intentions of the Norway - EU Green Alliance – a just climate, environment, energy and industrial transformation respecting both the EU and Norway’s commitment to the 2030 targets of 55 % greenhouse gas emission reductions and of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.


Our aim

Europe faces major societal challenges. The European Commission is addressing these challenges in the forthcoming research programme Horizon Europe, the world's largest research programme. Research-based knowledge is more crucial than ever to ensure the sustainable development of businesses and communities in line with the sustainable development goals.

The Horizon Europe programme offers great opportunities for Norwegian businesses, as well as the public and non-profit sectors. It is important to help shape the content of these research programmes by actively participating in the European debate with clear positions and strategic indications.

NTNU and SINTEF are dedicated to European research collaboration and want to mobilize Norwegian actors to increase their involvement in the Horizon Europe programme. Mobilizing and engaging different stakeholders will ensure that we create the best possible picture of Norway and Norwegian interests so it can be used to help define future priorities as well as strengthen Norway’s position in the EU area.

This is a unique arena for discussions and strategy development between Norwegian leaders in the public and private sectors who want to work in closer partnership at the European level to strengthen Norwegian interests, share expertise and contribute to sustainable development and economic growth in Europe.