this year's theme

Delivering REPowerEU:
Norway’s role in accelerating the transition

NTNU and SINTEF 6th annual European Strategy Summit


11–12 and 14 October 2022: 
DN Studio Platform

12–13 October 2022:
Face-to-face at Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie in Brussels


NTNU and SINTEF invitation

Do you want to know more about how Norwegian technologies and innovation can contribute to making Europe independent of Russian fossil energy? And how we can use the EU and Norwegian funding instruments to finance industrial and societal developments that will accelerate the green and digital transitions?

If so, please join NTNU and SINTEF’s 6th annual European Strategy Summit on 11–14 October 2022. 

This year’s topic is «REPowerEU»; the plan for Europe to become independent of Russian fossil energy, while speeding up the green and digital transition. As an energy nation, Norway, with its leading expertise in technologies and know how, can play a key role in this accelerated shift where research and innovation will be at the centre of our task.

You will hear insights and perspectives from industry leaders and EU and Norwegian officials, and NTNU and SINTEF will share our experience from decades of participating in EU funding programmes and agenda setting. Together we can accelerate the green and digital shift and reach net zero in 2050.

To join us you can tune in to our three breakfast broadcasts on the DN Studio Platform on 11, 12, and 14 October, where leading experts will share their perspectives on the energy situation in Europe and what role Norway can play in solving our common challenges. The broadcast are openly available to all.

You can also join us face-to-face in Brussels on 12–13 October to get inside insight directly from leaders in the EU institutions (by invitation only).


Breakfast broadcasts

The broadcasts will be held in Norwegian and streamed on the DN Studio Platform.

 11 October
Krigen i Ukraina og energikrisen; Hvordan den nye geopolitiske situasjonen setter nye krav til Norge som energinasjon og teknologileverandør? Hva betyr EUs politikk og lederskap for oss? 

 12 October
Mulighetsrommet: Ved siden av å levere gass til Europa – hvordan skal norsk industri og offentlig sektor bidra til EUs ambisiøse mål i REPowerEU? Hvordan vi kan bidra til å utfase russisk gass og samtidig akselerere det grønne og digitale skifte for å nå EUs mål om et klimanøytralt Europa innen 2050. 

 14 October
Norge sett utenfra: Hva forventer EU av oss? [sending fra Brussel]



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Contributors row 1


Alexandra Bech Gjørv, photo

Alexandra Bech Gjørv
CEO and President, SINTEF

Anne Borg, photo

Anne Borg
Rector, NTNU

Johanna Drake, photo

Johanna Drake
Deputy Director-General, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission

Thomas Osdoba, photo

Thomas Osdoba
Director, NetZeroCities EU

row 2


Georg Riekeles, photo

Georg Riekeles
Associate Director, European Policy Centre

Morten Helveg Petersen, photo

Morten Helveg Petersen
MEP and Vice-Chair Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, European Parliament

Alain Zarli, photo Tiago Loureiro

Alain Zarli
Secretary General, ECTP

Jeroen Schuppers, photo

Jeroen Schuppers
Deputy Head, Clean Energy Transition, European Commission

row 3

Chris Bolesta, photo

Chris Bolesta
Team Leader, Decarbonisation of energy sources, CCUS , EU

Raphael Sauter, photo

Raphael Sauter
Team Leader, Networks and Regional initiatives, DG Energy, European Commission

Katrin Mögele

Katrin Mögele
Senior Policy Adviser, Fraunhofer

Hans van Steen, photo

Hans van Steen
Principal Adviser to the Deputy Director-General, DG Energy, European Commission

row 4

Eero Ailio, photo

Eero Ailio
Adviser to Director, DG Energy, European Commission

Rolf Einar Fife, photo

Rolf Einar Fife
Ambassador of Norway to the EU

Randi Ness, photo

Randi Ness
Private Secretary to the Secretary General of NATO

Per Strand Sjaastad, photo

Per Strand Sjaastad
Norwegian Ambassador to Belgium and Deputy Head of the Mission of Norway to the EU

row 5

Halvard Ingebrigtsen, photo

Halvard Ingebrigtsen
State Secretary, Norweigan Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

Geir Arnulf, photo

Geir Arnulf
Counsellor for Research, Mission of Norway to the EU

Håkon Haugli, photo

Håkon Haugli
CEO, Innovation Norway

Anne Kjersti Fahlvik, photo

Anne Kjersti Fahlvik
Acting Executive Director, Research Council of Norway

row 6

Rune Volla, photo

Rune Volla
Director, Research Council of Norway

Bjørn Holsen, photo

Bjørn Holsen
Senior Vice President, Statkraft

Pål Coldevin, photo

Pål Coldevin
Senior Vice President, RWE

Henriette Undrum, photo

Henriette Undrum
Vice President, Equinor, and Project Director, Norway Energy Hub

row 7

Jo Mortensen, photo

Jo Mortensen
Executive Director, Technology, innovation and green business development, Skanska

Thorsten, Kiefer, photo

Thorsten Kiefer
Executive Director, JPI Oceans

Anders Fylling, photo

Anders Fylling
Director, Sustainability, Statsbygg

Kjersti Folvik, photo

Kjersti Folvik
Division Director, Oslobygg KF

row 8

Fridtjof Unander, photo

Fridtjof Unander
Chief Economist, Aker Horizons

Gry Ulverud, photo

Gry Ulverud
Chief Growth and Impact Officser, HUB Ocean

Constantine Levoyannis, photo

Constantine Levoyannis
Head of European Affairs, NEL Hydrogen

Leen Govaerts, photo

Leen Govaerts
Unit Manager, VITO/EnergyVille, and Vice-Chair EERA

row 9

Åslaug Haga, photo

Åslaug Haga
Chief Executive Officer, NORWEA

Ruth Astrid L. Sæter, photo

Ruth Astrid L. Sæther
Chief Executive Officer, Sæter Media

Morten Nordskag, photo

Morten Nordskag
Special Adviser, Politics and Communication, Norwegian Green Building Council

Lene Moestue, photo

Lene Moestue
Head of the Secretariat, Energi21

row 10

Elisabeth Alne, Hendriks

Elisabeth Alne Hendriks
Department Engineer, Gassco

Tor Grande, photo

Tor Grande
Pro-Rector for Research, NTNU

Nils Anders Røkke, photo

Nils Anders Røkke
EVP Executive Vice President, SINTEF Sustainability

Vincent Wego Fleischer, photo

Vincent Wego Fleischer
Director, Strategy and Communications, SINTEF

row 11

Johan Einar Hustad, photo

Johan Einar Hustad
Director, NTNU Energy

Siri Hunnes Blakstad, photo

Siri Hunnes Blakstad
Executive Vice President, SINTEF Community

Mona Jacobsen Mølnvik, photo

Mona Jacobsen Mølnvik
Research Director, SINTEF Energy Research

Inge Røinaas Gran, photo

Inge Røinaas Gran
Chief Executive Officer, SINTEF Energy Research

row 12

Olav Bolland, photo

Olav Bolland
Dean, Faculty of Engineering, NTNU

Marianne Skjulhaug, photo

Marianne Skjulhaug
Dean, Faculty of Architecture and Design, NTNU

Inger Andresen, photo

Inger Andresen
Professor, Department of Architecture and Design, NTNU

Edgar Hertwich, photo

Edgar Hertwich
Professor, Department of Energy and Process Engineering, NTNU

Steinar Grynning, photo

Steinar Grynning
Senior Business Developer, SINTEF Community