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NTRANS is established to deliver world leading research on the energy system in the transition to the zero-emission society

NTRANS focuses on the role of the energy system in the decarbonization of sectors such as energy, transport, industry, and buildings, as well as our everyday lives.

New practices, increased citizen engagement, and changes in behaviour are vital in order to stimulate demand for low-carbon solutions, to create political legitimacy, and to mobilize the resources needed for the transition.

We ask:

  1. How can the scope of the transition be widened to include citizens and their interaction with technologies and systems?
  2. How can the scope of the transition be deepened (i.e. how can a fundamental society-wide change be implemented through the logics of production, distribution, consumption, and coupling of economic sectors)? and
  3. How can the transition be accelerated to achieve emission reductions at the intersection of energy, climate, and sustainability?

FME is short for

FME is short for

Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research


  • FME research centres are part of the Norwegian Research Council's scheme for long-term research.
  • The purpose is to bring the research at a high international standard, aiming to tackle energy-related challenges.
  • NTRANS is one of the social science-related FME centres.
  • See more on the Research Council`s web