Research areas

Research areas

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RA1: Deep decarbonization and wide societal change

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RA 3: The future energy market

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RA 5: Use cases and innovation

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RA 2: Accelerating the energy transition

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RA 4: Transition pathways

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FME Research center

NTRANS studies:

the role of the energy system in the transition to the zero-emission society

The research will build a knowledge base for the road to - and the consequences of deep and rapid energy conversion for different groups in society. An important part of this is to find out how the restructuring can be done fairly and democratically, while at the same time providing business opportunities for innovation and value creation from Norwegian resources.

The centre brings together sociology, political science, economics, economic geography, science and technology studies, innovation studies.

FME is short for

FME is short for

Centre for Environment-friendly Energy Research


  • FME research centres are part of the Norwegian Research Council's scheme for long-term research.
  • The purpose is to bring the research at a high international standard, aiming to tackle energy-related challenges.
  • NTRANS is one of the social science-related FME centres.
  • See more on the Research Council`s web

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