Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) - Norway

Professor Dennis Meier

Department of Matericals Science and Engineering


Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) - Germany

Professor Mathias Kläui

Institute of Physics


Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST) - Luxembourg

Professor Jorge Íñiguez

Materials Research and Technology Department


University of Groningen (UG) - The Netherlands

Professor Beatriz Noheda

Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials


University of Messina (UNIME) - Italy

Professor Giovanni Finocchio

Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Physical Sciences and Earth Sciences


University of Crete (UOC) - Greece

Professor Stavros Komineas

Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics


Infineon Technologies (IFAT) - Austria

Dr. Johannes Güttinger

Automotive Sense & Control


Singulus Technologies (ST) - Germany

Dr. Jürgen Langer

Semiconductor NDT


Associated Partners


IBM Research GmbH (IBM) - Switzerland

Professor Bert Jan Offrein

Neuromorphic Devices and Systems

Partner responsible for ESR 11


Monitoraggio Ambientale e Ricerca Innovativa Strategia (MARIS) - Italy

Dr. Massimo Chiappini

R&D department

Training "Development of technological solutions"


Springer Nature Limited (COMMPHYS) - United Kingdom

Dr. Saleem Denholme

Communications Physics

Training "Communication Publication"


Twente Solid State Technology BV (TSST) - The Netherlands

Dr. Rik Groenen

R&D department

Training "Materials synthesis and thin film deposition"


Attocube Systems AG (ATTOCUBE) - Germany

Dr. Mirko Bacani

Cryogenic Instruments

Training "Microscopy focusing on low-temperature applications"


Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (VDMA) - Germany

Thilo Brückner

Electronics, Micro and New Energy Production Technologies

Training "Networking / innovation / exposure to industry"


Nanosurf GmbH (NANOSURF) - Germany

Dr. Marcus Weth

R&D department

Training "Basics of scanning probe microscopy"


Innovative Numerical Technologies GmbH (inuTech) - Germany

Frank Vogel

R&D department

Training "Tutorials in large-scale numerical coding and package development"


American Physical Society (Editorial Office) (APS) - USA

Dr. Matt Eager


Training "Hands-on training in scientific writing / publishing"


Nanolayers OU (Nanolayers) - Estonia

Dr. David Gao

R&D department

Training "Commercialization; rational design and control over microelectronic devices"


Consorzio Italian SPINtronic Network (SPINet) - Italy

Dr. Davi Röhe Salomon da Rosa Rodrigues


Training "Spintronics-based unconventional computing"


University of Luxembourg (ULux) - Luxembourg

Professor Jorge Íñiguez

Department of Physics and Materials Science

ESR7 hosted at LIST will register in ULux doctoral school. ULux will award doctoral degree (*)