The Norwegian Research School in Neuroscience (NRSN) works to coordinate and improve educational activities for PhD candidates in neuroscience.  By combining the specific expertise of four partner institutions (NTNU, University of Oslo, University of Bergen and Norwegian University of Life Sciences), NRSN aims to facilitate the PhD research training that will enable the next generation of Norwegian-trained neuroscientists to face the great challenges and opportunities in the field.

NRSN is funded by the Norwegian Research Council, with an annual budget of around 3 mill NOK. The NRSN board is composed of representatives from all partner institutions, and the daily management is hosted by the Faculty of Medicine, NTNU.

Membership in NRSN is open to all neuroscience PhD candidates who are working at a Norwegian institution, including research program medical students. Registered members keep all formal affiliations to their home institution and research group: NRSN represents a supplement to the existing PhD programs in Norway.

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NRSN International Training Grant
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NRSN PhD training course in Translational Animal Models in Neuroscience
Tromsø 8-12 August 2016
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Call for proposals for the NRSN Summer School 2017

Deadline 1st October 2016
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NRSN Summer School 2016

"Neural Circuits and Behavior"
Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience, NTNU, 21-28 August 2016
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PhD conference 2016
Hurdal, 21-23 Sep 2016
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