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– NRSN Summer School 2019

NRSN offers financial support of up to 500 000 NOK, in addition to full administrative support.

The call to submit proposals for the NRSN summer school in 2019 is OPEN.

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Submission deadline is 1. October 2018.

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NRSN Summer School in Neuroscience

NRSN offers an annual summer school that provides PhD students with theoretical and practical research training in current forefront areas of neuroscience. The summer school is organized each year by a different research institution in Norway drawing on local expertise combined with contributions from international faculty. The summer school is intended for PhD students in neuroscience, and priority will be given to members of NRSN. Other participants may be accepted if there are still places available.

Upcoming summer schools

12th - 18th August 2019

Molecular Genetic Tools for the Study of Neural Circuits



2nd - 6th of September 2019

Understanding the behaviour in animal models 

With the rapid development of cutting edge methods and techniques in neuroscience, animal models are gaining more attention. With these novel techniques, scientists are able to investigate specific projections and functions in the brain in more detail, and on impressive spatial and temporal scales. But in order to understand these functions, it is undeniably necessary to link changes in neural activity to certain behaviors. For this purpose, scientists fall back on established behavioral tests that claim to study behaviors like memory, social behavior, depression, etc. However, do these behavioral tests actually test what we think they do? Are behavioral tests designed and used the right way? And what is behavior to start with? 

The aim of the summer school is to learn more about the wide range of animal tests that exists for studying different neurological processes. What type of models are available and what do they study? How do you select the appropriate animal model for your research? But more importantly, what is it that we actually study? What behavior do our animal models really show, and how should we interpret them? Which factors are important to keep in mind to create the best optimal conditions to study the behavioral mechanisms we are really interested in?

Past summer schools


Circadian rythems and sleep 
organized by the faculty of Psychology at UiB, Bergen
06-12 August 2017

Neural Circuits and Behavior 
organized by the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at NTNU, Trondheim
13-19 August 2017


Neural Circuits and Behavior 
organized by the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at NTNU, Trondheim
21-28 August 2016

Translational Animal Models in Neuroscience
8-12 August 2016


Understanding Measurements in Neuroscience
organized by Centre for Integrative Neuroplasticity (CINPLA) at the University of Oslo
16-22 August 2015




Scientific Writing Workshop 2019

The next scientific writing workshop will be held on 18.-20. of February at Clarion Congress in Trondheim!

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3rd Nordic Neuroscience Meeting, Helsinki June 2019

The 3rd Nordic Neuroscience meeting will be held in Helsinki 12-14th of June 2019. The Nordic meeting is for all neuroscientists in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Its objectives are to facilitate interactions between neighbouring countries and establish networks for future collaborations, as well as to achieve a greater knowledge of the neuroscience carried out in this part of the world.

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