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– NRSN Summer School 2018


NRSN offers financial support of up to 500 000 NOK, in addition to full administrative support.

The call to submit proposals for the NRSN summer school in 2018 is OPEN.

The new call is open.

Submission deadline is 15 October 2017.

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NRSN Summer School in Neuroscience

NRSN offers an annual summer school that provides PhD students with theoretical and practical research training in current forefront areas of neuroscience. The summer school is organized each year by a different research institution in Norway drawing on local expertise combined with contributions from international faculty. The summer school is intended for PhD students in neuroscience, and priority will be given to members of NRSN. Other participants may be accepted if there are still places available.


Summer schools in 2017


Circadian rhythms and sleep
their role in mental and physical health, safety and productivity

Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen

6-12 August 2017 

Humans spend roughly one-third of their lives asleep. The aim of the course is to provide knowledge of the function that is served by circadian rhythms, sleep and the mechanisms by which circadian disruption and sleep insufficiency degrades mental and physical health, safety and productivity – and increases risk of errors and accidents.


Neural circuits and Behavior 
Kavli institute for Systems Neuroscience, NTNU 

13-19 August 2017

Understanding the brain and how it generates behavior remains one of the greatest frontiers facing humanity. An amazing amount of progress has been made over the last 50 years in studying the function, anatomy, chemistry and connectivity of brain circuits from the single neuron level to complete neural systems. It is yet still fascinating to observe the complexity of neural circuits with many emergent properties that are not always easy to predict from the properties of individual neurons. To link the activity of millions of single neurons to animal behavior, which is dynamically modulated by internal states and the sensory world alike, is still one of the greatest challenges of today’s neuroscience. To meet these challenges, the field is quickly becoming a multidisciplinary endeavour combining approaches of life sciences with the tools of physics, mathematics and engineering.



Past summer schools


Neural Circuits and Behavior 
organized by the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at NTNU, Trondheim
21-28 August 2016

Translational Animal Models in Neuroscience
8-12 August 2016


Understanding Measurements in Neuroscience
organized by Centre for Integrative Neuroplasticity (CINPLA) at the University of Oslo
16-22 August 2015




PhD courses in spring 2018
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  • Human Psychophysiology: High-Density EEG analysis (10 ECTS) )
  • Essentials of Neurophysiology: from neurons to circuits to behaviours (5 ECTS)

Scientific Writing Workshop 2018

NRSN International Training Grant
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