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NRSN works to make the best neuroscience PhD courses at all partner universities available to all PhD candidates in Norway. Our course portfolio includes ECTS accredited courses in a wide range of topics, based on the partners' expertise.  Courses are adapted to facilitate student exchange  (e.g., through intensive or module based teaching), and NRSN offers travel- and accommodation grants to external participants. 

Travel- and accommodation grants

Travel- and accommodation grants are available to all NRSN members who participate in PhD courses outside of their home institution. Normally, the travel grants cover travelling expenses and are limited to 2000 NOK for the roundtrip, including public transportation to/from the airport. Please note that private transportation is not included. If the course is split in two, you will receive 2000 NOK for the two round trips and so forth. NRSN will cover your accommodation up to 1200 NOK per night. You have to buy your tickets and arrange your accommodation yourself unless told otherwise. Go to travel reimbursements to learn more about it. In the award letter, you will be informed if the hotel accommodation will be provided by NRSN, or if you have to make this arrangement yourself. NRSN will reimburse your expenses after the event, according to the conditions specified in the award letter.

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How to register for the PhD courses

You have to apply to the institution that is offering the course to be accepted as an external participant. Please visit the PhD course webpage (by clicking on the course name below) or contact the PhD course coordinator to receive detailed instructions. Note that it is your home institution which is responsible for the formal approval of the course into the educational component of your PhD degree.

Available PhD courses in spring 2018

5th - 16th March: 

Human Psychophysiology: High-Density EEG analysis (10 ECTS)

Application deadline: 1. February, 2018

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This is a 2-week intensive course from on the EEG methodology and its application in studies of human brain functions, with particular focus on the visual system. Participants will learn about EEG signal processing though lectures, practical exercises in the lab, statistical analyses, group discussions and presentations.

The course is given by Prof. Audrey van der Meer and colleagues in the Developmental Neuroscience Laboratory at NTNU. At the end of the course, each student will write an individual report which forms the basis of the formal assessment (examination). 

23rd - 30th April: 

Essentials of Neurophysiology: from neurons to circuits to behaviours (5 ECTS)

Application deadline: 1. March, 2018

Note that students outside of UiO first have to apply for a right to study at UiO! Find information about the process and apply here!

This course is offered by the University in Oslo and takes place in April 2018. The course covers the basic principles of neuron signalling and interactions that underlie brain function. Teaching includes lectures by top researchers in neuroscience, group discussions and demonstrations/lab work. A take-home examination will be given at the end of the course.


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PhD courses in spring 2018
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  • Human Psychophysiology: High-Density EEG analysis (10 ECTS) )
  • Essentials of Neurophysiology: from neurons to circuits to behaviours (5 ECTS)

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