Membership in NRSN

Membership in NRSN

NRSN aims to become the hub in the community of young, Norwegian-trained neuroscientists. The NRSN is firmly embedded in a wider, global network, through the international network that the partner institutions and the individual PhD candidates bring into the collaboration.

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Conditions for membership:

All PhD candidates in the field of neuroscience working at any Norwegian institution, are welcome to apply for membership in NRSN. The primary target group is PhD candidates from the partner institutions (NTNU, UiO, UiB, NMBU, UiT), but also candidates from other Norwegian institutions working in the relevant fields are eligible. Once accepted, all support arrangements and events are available for the PhD candidate. Membership of NRSN does not in any way change the PhD Candidate's affiliation with the home institution, the research group, or the individual relation to the supervisor.

Alumni membership:

If you're already a member of NRSN and defend your PhD you can apply for alumni membership status. This allows you to still attend courses and workshops organized by NRSN for up to 1 year after your defence. Alumni membership is only open for PhD students who are already approved members of NRSN when they defend their thesis. 

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Benefits of membership:

Access to NRSN activities and benefits from our various grants: