Membership in NRSN

Membership in NRSN

NRSN aims to become the hub in the community of young, Norwegian-trained neuroscientists. NRSN is firmly embedded in a wider, global network, through the international network that the partner institutions and the individual PhD candidates bring into the collaboration.

NRSN operates through a pay-per-student model, supported by supervisors and faculty leaders in our partner universities. Supervisors can register their students for NRSN membership below. Please check with your local faculty/department regarding available financial coverage for memerships. 


Register your student as a member of NRSN


Conditions for membership

All PhD candidates in the field of neuroscience working at any Norwegian institution are welcome to apply for membership in NRSN. The primary target group is PhD candidates from the partner institutions (NTNU, UiO, UiB, UiT, UiS), but also candidates from other Norwegian institutions working in the relevant fields are eligible. Once accepted, all support arrangements and events are available for the PhD candidate. Membership of NRSN does not in any way change the PhD Candidate's affiliation with the home institution, the research group, or the individual relation to the supervisor.


Membership fee and payment

The registration fee is 11,000 NOK per student per year. First-year students need to commit for three years.


What will you get as a member of NRSN?

Becoming a member of one of the largest PhD networks in Norway will provide you with the perfect way to get to know many Norwegian PhD students and to establish collaborations with other Norwegian neuroscience environments. Additionally, the new NRSN will:

  • Continue the annual PhD conference with the motto ‘organized by students for students’. Travel and accommodation for the conference will be covered for members. Non-members who want to join pay the full cost plus overhead-charges.
  • Organize one writing or career event per year that is free for members. We guarantee that you will have the opportunity to participate in at least one of each in the three-year period as a PhD member.
  • Organize an annual summer school, for which participation will be free for members. We will provide grants to support travel costs. You will be able to participate in at least one summer school in the three-year period as a PhD member. Non-members who want to join pay the full cost plus overhead-charges.
  • Organize training opportunities in supervision, for which we aim to provide grants for (partial) coverage of travel and accommodation costs to members.
  • Provide access to courses at our partner institutions, for which you can apply for a grant to cover (at least part of) the travel and accommodation costs.

All courses and activities will contribute to your PhD education requirements by generating ECTS credits.