The 2024 180°N Conference in Trondheim

The 2024 180°N Conference in Trondheim

Nidelva and dock buildings in Trondheim
Nidelva in Trondheim. Av Alexander Shchukin. CC BY NC ND 2.0

It is a pleasure to invite you to the 3rd 180°N conference in Trondheim, 9th - 11th April 2024!

We have planned three days of project updates, inspiring invited lectures and networking. Social events will contribute to enhanced networking and play an important role in tightening the 180°N community.



The annual 180°N conference is a three-day symposium open to all members and affiliates of the 180°N research consortium, to share insights and progress in the various research projects. Additionally, national and international keynote speakers have been invited to speak about exciting developments in a variety of topics within nuclear medicine. Industry representatives are also welcome to share new and future innovations. All participants are encouraged to submit abstracts for oral talks and poster presentations.

​​​​​​The conference will be held at Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel in Trondheim.

  • Start: 9th April 2024 10:00
  • End: 11th April 2024 14:00

Day one of the conference will focus on the younger generation of researchers, with lectures and workshops concerning career paths, science communication, and looking after mental health in times of high pressure.

Day two and three will consist of oral and poster presentations from 180°N members, as well as keynote lectures.

Social and networking events in the evenings include a concert in Nidarosdomen and tapas at To Tårn on the first day, as well as a conference dinner on the 10th of April.

We look forward to welcome you to Trondheim in April!




  "Multi-tracer PET for personalized cancer treatment"

   Dr. Marta Lazzeroni, PhD (Stockolm University, Sweden)




 “Preclinical validation of radiotracers”

  Professor Guy Bormans (KU Leuven, The Netherlands)




Portrait of Dr. Mohammed Hankir
Photo: Annett

  "Fueling and igniting thermogenic adipocytes"

  Dr. Mohammed Hankir, PhD (University of Zurich, Switzerland)





Photo: Christina

  “FAPI PET/MRI in breast cancer”

  Dr. Philipp Backhaus, PhD (University of Münster, Germany)






  “Multi-tracer production – challenges and logistics»

   Dr. Nic Gillings, PhD (Rigshospitalet, Denmark)





“Auger electron therapy of glioblastoma using radiometals”

Dr. Helge Thisgaard, PhD (University of Southern Denmark, Denmark)


Photo: Bram Platel

“Developing and Implementing AI in Medical Imaging”

Professor Bram Van Ginneken, PhD (Radboud UMC, The Netherlands)





Photo: Maastro,
The Netherlands

 “AI implementation in clinical routine”

  Dr. Wouter van Elmpt, PhD (Maastricht University, The Netherlands)


The first session of the 2024 180°N conference is dedicated to the younger research generation in the 180°N consortium! We have invited speakers for different topics especially relevant for PhD students, post-docs and other early-career researchers, with lectures about career paths, science communication, and looking after mental health in a stressful work situation.


Transition from academia to industry

Margherita Falavigna, GE

9th april, 12:15-13:00


Storytelling for Scientists

Stephan van Duin from The Online Scientist

9th april, 14:00-15:45


The symbiosis between physical, mental and social health

Morten Andreas Bye, NTNU

9th april, 16:00-16:45

Abstract submission

Abstract submission


Book of Abstracts


We invite all researchers within the nuclear medicine community to submit scientific abstracts to the conference. A program committee will decide if you will present a speed update or an oral presentation in one of the scientific sessions. Abstracts can be submitted through the registration link when registering for the conference. If you did not upload your abstract when registering, you may submit your abstract by editing your registration using the link in the e-mail you recieved after registering for the conference.
Abstract deadline: 10th of March.
Maximum number of words in abstract: 500.

Among early career researchers, there will be an award for the best abstract (including oral and speed update presentation). The prize will consist of a travel grant of up to 10.000 NOK for an up-coming scientific meeting. Candidates for the prize must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be an early career researcher (Msc students, PhD candidates, Postdocs and researchers within five years after completed PhD)
  • The project must be affiliated with the 180°N research consortium

The winner of the prize will be announced at the end of the conference.

Practical information

Practical information

The conference will take place at the Radisson Blu Royal Garden Hotel in Trondheim. Accommodation can be booked here.

Rooms have been reserved for booking by attendees of the 180N conference until March 18th 2024.

Trondheim airport (Værnes) lies around 30km east from the city. To get to the city, it is possible to take a buss, a train or a taxi. The bus Værnes-Ekspressen costs 200 NOK one-way, leaves every 15 minutes and takes around 30 minutes. The train costs 42 NOK one-way, leaves once per hour and takes around 35 minutes. A regular taxi costs around 900 NOK, but it is also possible to pre-book a seat in a shared taxi for 460 NOK. The drive takes around 25 minutes.

In order to travel within the city centre of Trondheim, the easiest and cheapest option is to buy tickets in the AtB app.

Important Dates

Important dates


10th March: Abstracts deadline

18th March: Registration deadline

18th March: Deadline for booking pre-reserved rooms at Royal Garden Hotel

Previous conferences

Previous conferences

Welcome to Bergen in April 2023! It is a pleasure to invite you to the 2nd 180°N conference, April 25th – 27th.

We have planned three days of project updates, inspiring invited lectures and networking. Social events  will  contribute  to  enhanced  networking  and  play  an important role in tightening the 180°N community.

Meet @ Hotel Norge by ScandicHotel Norge first opened its doors in 1885 and is today an iconic, modern hotel where local meets international in a vibrant and unique atmosphere – Welcome to the new Hotel Norge by Scandic

Networking evenings include cruise and dinner at the Island Seafood Restaurant Cornelius. The 30 min Bergen archipelago cruise will end at a small island called Holmen where a unique Seafood restaurant is located. Cornelius seafood restaurant is a unique and popular dining destination on the north-west side of island Bjorøy, with spectacular views of the fjord and islands close to Bergen. After dinner, return by boat to Bergen. The last night dinner will be at the Hotel Norge.

Registration and Call for Abstracts has opened.

Abstract deadline is March 15th 2023.

See the Conference website for more information.

Scandic Ishavshotell

  • Start: 29. March 2022 10:00
  • End: 31. March 2022 16:00

The conference is open to all people interested in the field of nuclear medicine, and active participation from projects under the 180°N umbrella will be requested to participate.

The industry will also be welcome to share their new innovations and future comings. The annual conferences will be a three days conference tailored for different audiences and interest into the scientific field covered by 180°N. We will encourage the participants to submit abstracts to the conference and to present posters.

Go to the conference website