Geir Hysing Bolstad at Researcher's night in Trondheim
On Friday 28. September there be will be "Young Scientists' Researcher's Night in Trondheim" at Rockheim. CBD member Geir Hysing Bolstad is one of the researchers who will give a talk about ongoing research while other young researchers will share their experiences from being exactly that: young in the academic world. There will also be live music, food, drinks and possibilities for discussing science into the early hours after the talks. Everyone are welcome and entrance is free. 
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Mathilde le Moullec present changes in the Arctic
PhD-candidate at CBD, Mathilde le Moullec, was invited to make an online presentation on the dynamics between global changes and changes in the Arctic. This course entitled "Life in the Arctic: a 'hot spot' for climate change and accumulation of contaminants" is part of the multi-disciplinary GlobalArctic MOOC initiated by the "Ecole Polythechnique Fédéral de Lausanne". In her PhD, Mathilde Le Moullec is studying population dynamics on Svalbard. The video is found here (when the course registration page appears, click on the side and the video continues). 

Yimen Araya-Ajoy awarded the Pitelka Prize
The International Society for Behavioral Ecology (ISBE), has awarded Dr Yimen Araya-Ajoy and his coauthors the Society’s Pitelka Prize for their paper in Behavioral Ecology: Araya Ajoy, Y., Dingemanse, N. & Kempenaers, B. Timing of extra-pair fertilizations: fertilization trade-offs or pair synchrony spill-overs?

Honorable mention of PhD candidate Thomas Haaland!
CBD PhD candidate Thomas Haaland will receive an Honorable Mention for the 2017 Student Paper of the Year award from The American Naturalist. This is one of only two Honorable Mentions from a pool of about fifty first-rate, eligible papers published in 2017 in what is one of the highest rated international journals in evolution and ecology. Congratulations!

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Next events

Lunch seminars
Tuesday 18. September: Yimen Araja-Ajoy will give a talk about "Generation time and age dependent reproduction in a house sparrow meta-population".