Centre for Geophysical Forecasting


The Centre for Geophysical Forecasting (CGF) is a joint enterprise funded by the Norwegian Research Council (NRC), Industrial partners and NTNU.  It is a 'Research-based Innovation' (SFI) Centre, selected by the NRC for support in June 2020 and opening in December 2020. 

The SFI CGF will build on the foundation of Norway's extensive existing geophysical skills and experience to construct new and more effective tools for monitoring and predicting a wide range of geophysical events of importance to the environment and people. In the same way that meteorological forecasts have become much better over the years, through integrating multiple approaches with better data and models, we intend to achieve the same high performance for geophysical events.  We will develop new and improved methods for monitoring CO2 storage, sustainable and environmentally responsible oil and gas production, landslides and avalanches, sudden events along roads and railways and new methods for monitoring and mapping life and geophysical events at sea and near the seabed.

Our vision is to apply methods and ideas that have been developed in oil and gas in a more holistic, sustainable ecosystem of environmental management, extending into many other areas of society, such as transport, safety and better mapping of the earth's crust. We are confident that CGF will highlight and deliver value in what we believe are important issues for Norway in this critical energy transition period.

Implementing this vision, the key innovation areas of the CGF are:

  • Carbon Capture and Storage management
  • Hydrocarbon production monitoring
  • Geohazard monitoring and forecasting