Digital Internationalisation in Vocational Education (DIVE)

Digital Internationalisation in Vocational Education (DIVE)

Two students, woman and man, in a workshop.
Vocational Education and Training in Norway. Foto: Elin Iversen/Photo

The DIVE-project will explore three overarching themes, which are democracy and citizenship in International Vocational education (IVE), sustainable development in IVE, and values in IVE. Within the concept of ‘Internationalisation at Home’, teacher students will collaborate in local and international colloquiums, in both physical and virtual spaces. The DIVE project has the primary goal of supporting VTE-teachers’ students in developing and strengthening intercultural competence, English speaking skills, digital competence, and global awareness within the three overarching themes.

Webinar invitation

Welcome to the Democracy and Citizenship in vocational education and training Webinar

Welcome to the Democracy and Citizenship in vocational education and training Webinar on 26 November at 09.00-11.30. Vocational Teacher students from the vocational teacher education section at the Department of Teacher Education (ILU) at NTNU will present digital stories about challenges and strengths of democracy and citizenship in vocational education and training. Master teacher students from social sciences (ILU) and PhD students from Akdeniz will also present their collaborative experiences.

In addition, guest lecturers Trond Solhaug (Emeritus, NTNU), Hamid Asghari and Zara Hedelin (Karlstad University, Sweden) and Rabia Vezne (Akdeniz University, Turkey), will contribute different perspectives and inputs to the topic of the Webinar.

At the end of the seminar, you will be able to meet one or more of the student groups, where you can ask questions, and create dialogue and reflections on the content and focus of the digital stories. The rooms will be open from 12.15 to 14.00.

The webinar is a Multiplier Event directed by the Erasmus + project DIVE (Digital Internationalization in Vocational Education). The webinar is open to anyone who is interested. We especially welcome vocational students, teacher students, teachers, teacher educators, education management, school owners, policy makers and other actors involved in vocational education and training nationally and / or internationally.

We hope you have the opportunity to join us on the 26th of November.

If you already know that you are willing to participate, it will be helpful for us that you register in advance at this link.

You could also log in at any time during the Webinar on 26 November (with the same link as the registration link).

For further information, please contact