Programme Monday

Programme Monday

Monday 27 June

08:00 - 09:00
09:00 - 10:30
Opening plenary

Location: R1 (view map)

09:00 Startup
Chirag Trivedi
09:15 Symposium inauguration
Stefan Riedelbauch
09:45 Welcome to Trondheim
Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug
10:00 Energy research at NTNU
Asgeir Tomasgaard
10:30 - 11:00
Coffee break
11:00 - 12:15
Opening plenary continued

Location: R1 (view map)

11:00 HydroCen
Liv Randi Hultgreen
11:15 Keynote: "Norwegian development of high head Francis turbines - a brief historic review and some open questions"
Bjarne Børresen
12:15 - 13:15
Location: Sit kafe
13:15 - 14:35
Parallel sessions

Parallel 1a: Intake system
Session chair: Chirag Trivedi
Location: R1 (view map) - Hybrid session (virtual/physical)

13:15 - Manuscript id #56
Experimental complex flow patterns in a pump intake with a low water level
Prof Miao Guo

13:35 - Manuscript id #63
Nonlinear stability and dynamic characteristics of hydropower station under fluctuation of downstream channel water level
Dr Tianyu Zhang

13:55 - Manuscript id #71
Investigation of the water hammer phenomenon in the hydraulic passages of hydropower plants
Mr Sorin-ioan Lupa

14:15 - Manuscript id #165
Geometric optimization on stagnating flow at the inlet of main pipeline of underground pumping station
Prof Miao Guo

Parallel 2a: Vortex breakdown / Measurement techniques and signal processing
Session chair: Romeo Susan-Resiga
Location: R5 (view map)

13:15 - Manuscript id #59
PIV measurements in the draft tube of a down-scale propeller turbine: Uncertainty analysis
Msc Nahale Sotoudeh

13:35 - Manuscript id #20
Impact of runner crown shape modifications on the onset of the precessing vortex core
Prof Kilian Oberleithner

13:55 - Manuscript id #21
On the relevance of the runner crown for flow instabilities in a Francis turbine
Mr Jens S. Müller

14:15 - Manuscript id #36
How angular-momentum flux controls Francis turbine full-load surge
Dr Peter Dörfler

Parallel 3a: Hydraulic turbines / Multiphase flow / Measurement techniques and signal processing
Session chair: Håkan Nilsson
Location: R9 (view map)

13:15 - Manuscript id #136
Experimental study of the flow of the Tr-Francis turbine along the no-load curve
Mr Aubin Gilis

13:35 - Manuscript id #43
Numerical prediction of the cavitation intensity: Comparisons between two-fluid and homogeneous approaches
Mr. Jacques Ferhat

13:55 - Manuscript id #44
Numerical investigation of the impact of cavitation on the pressure fluctuations at deep part load
Dr Jonas Wack

14:15 - Manuscript id #64
Measurement and analysis on natural frequency of runner blade of hydraulic turbine by hammering method
Mr Dengfeng Cao

14:35 - 14:55
Coffee break
14:55 - 16:15
Parallel sessions

Parallel 1b: Hydraulic turbines
Session chair: Pål-Tore Salbo Storli
Location: R1 (view map) - Virtual presentations

14:55 - Manuscript id #32
Optimization design of the elbow draft tube of the hydraulic turbine
Dr Aleksandra Semenova

15:15 - Manuscript id #90
Experimental investigation of a small axial hydro-kinetic turbine
Dr Georgiana Dunca

15:35 - Manuscript id #103
Experimental and numerical validation of a Francis turbine draft tube design for flow instabilities mitigation
Dr Arthur Favrel

15:55 - Manuscript id #106
Draft tube vortex rope analysis of a pump-turbine unit under different operating conditions
Mr Qilian He

Parallel 2b: Vortex breakdown / Measurement techniques and signal processing / Smart grid and digital twin / Selected topics
Session chair: Zoran Markov
Location: R5 (view map)

14:55 - Manuscript id #172
On adverse pressure gradient in decelerated swirling flow and its suppression by water jet injection
Ondřej Urban

15:15 - Manuscript id #74
Hydraulic efficiency measurement of centrifugal pump by thermodynamic method
Mr Raj Kumar Mishra

15:35 - Manuscript id #121
Multifunctional water tower
Dr Pavel Jandourek

15:55 - Manuscript id #115
Heat treatment optimization of 13cr4ni stainless alloy used as hydro turbine material
Mr Dadi Ram Dahal

Parallel 3b: Multiphase flow / Sustainable hydropower / Hydraulic turbines
Session chair: Christophe Nicolet
Location: R9 (view map)

14:55 - Manuscript id #170
Spatiotemporal analysis of sheet and cloud cavitation and its damage potential
Mr Grigorios Hatzissawidis

15:15 - Manuscript id #65
Numerical simulation and experimental verification of downstream fish migration in a bulb turbine
Prof Helmut Benigni

15:35 - Manuscript id #164
Semi-air-cushion surge tank
Dr Wolfgang Richter & Adj. Prof. Kaspar Vereide

15:55 - Manuscript id #143
Characterization of no-load conditions for a high head Francis turbine based on the swirl level
Mrs Melissa Fortin

16:20 - 18:00
Executive Committee meeting

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IAHR 2022

31st Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and Systems

Date: 26 June - 1 July 2022

Venue: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway

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