Programme Tuesday

Programme Tuesday

Tuesday 28 June

08:00 - 09:00
09:00 - 10:20
Keynotes plenary

Location: R1 (view map)

09:00 Keynote 2: Development of the high head Francis turbine
Thorbjørn Hellum-Reppen

10:00 Young Researcher Business
Andrea Pirocca
45 Engineering

10:20 - 10:40
Group picture
10:40 - 11:00
Coffee break
11:00 - 12:00
Parallel sessions

Parallel 4a: Energy storage and flexibility
Session chair: Pål-Tore Salbo Storli
Location: R1 (view map)

11:00 - Manuscript id #06
Water hammer issues in refurbishment of a high-head hydropower plant equipped with Francis turbines
Dr Uroš Ješe

11:20 - Manuscript id #19
Contribution for roadmap of hydraulic short circuit implementation: Case of Grand-Maison pumped storage power plant
Dr Christian Landry

11:40 - Manuscript id #33
CFD simulations of hydraulic short-circuits in junctions, application to the Grand Maison power plant
Dr Jean Decaix

Parallel 5a: Pump-turbines
Session chair: Giovanna Cavazzini
Location: R5 (view map)

11:00 - Manuscript id #14
Pressure pulsation of a single stage storage pump with 1300 m head
Prof Helmut Benigni

11:20 - Manuscript id #16
Evaluation of start-up time for a model counter-rotating pump-turbine in pump-mode
Mr Jonathan Fahlbeck

11:40 - Manuscript id #28
Experimental investigation of flow inside the back-sidewall gaps of centrifugal pump
Mrs Lucie Zemanová

Parallel 6a: Vibration and fatigue loading
Session chair: Yvan Maciel
Location: R9 (view map)

11:00 - Manuscript id #03
Procedure to minimize rotor vibrations from flow-induced excitations in Kaplan turbines
Dr Pontus Pärsson Jonsson

11:20 - Manuscript id #24
Solving the challenging puzzle of Grimsel II runner vibration
Mr Maximilian Titzschkau

11:40 - Manuscript id #30
Validation of deep part load dynamic stresses for axial runners
Mrs Christine Monette

12:00 - 13:00
Location: Sito realfag, ground floor
13:00 - 14:20
Parallel sessions

Parallel 4b: Energy storage and flexibility
Session chair: Sébastien Houde
Location: R1 (view map)

13:00 - Manuscript id #42
Hybridization in Kaplan turbines. Wear and tear assessment.
Dr Alexandre Presas

13:20 - Manuscript id #52
Pushing the envelope of ancillary services with variable speed technology
Dr Matthieu Dreyer

13:40 - Manuscript id #99
Assessments of start-up sequences and equivalent runner damage under transient operation
PhD Martin Seydoux

14:00 - Manuscript id #109
#Optimization of turbine start-up sequence of a full size frequency converter variable speed pump-turbine
Mr Jeremy Schmid

Parallel 5b: Pump-turbines
Session chair: Stefan Riedelbauch
Location: R5 (view map)

13:00 - Manuscript id #29
Characterization of the hydrodynamic instabilities in a pump-turbine operating at part load in turbine mode
MSc Giacomo Zanetti

13:20 - Manuscript id #76
Effect of main water conveyance pipelines length on water hammer pressure in pumped storage plant
Prof Sheng Chen

13:40 - Manuscript id #135
Simulation of pressure pulsations for pumped-storage units with wide operating range and comparison to experiments
Dr Marcelo Magnoli

14:00 - Manuscript id #83
Experimental analysis of a centrifugal pump in pump mode and turbine mode
Mr Nischal Pokharel

Parallel 6b: Vibration and fatigue loading
Session chair: Bjørn Winther Solemslie
Location: R9 (view map)

13:00 - Manuscript id #40
An engineering approach for the prediction of fatigue damage in the part load regime
Mr Florian Von Locquenghien

13:20 - Manuscript id #41
Corrosion Fatigue investigations on cast, forged and welded nickel-martensitic steels for hydro runners
Dr Benjamin Leibing

13:40 - Manuscript id #108
On-site measurements of the dynamic behaviour of Pelton turbines in the context of predictive maintenance
Mr Maxime Chiarelli

14:00 - Manuscript id #144
Characterization of the fluid damping in simplified models of pump-turbines and high head Francis runners
Mr Greco Moraga

14:20 - 14:40
Coffee break
14:40 - 16:00
Parallel sessions

Parallel 4c: Pump-turbines / Energy storage and flexibility
Session chair: Hari Prasad Neopane
Location: R1 (view map) - Virtual presentations

14:40 - Manuscript id #156
Investigation on hydrodynamic characteristics of a hydrofoil based on transition model
Dr Ye Changliang

15:00 - Manuscript id #167
Anti-interference characteristics of variable speed pumped storage units for load cases of hydraulic disturbances
Yifan Huang

15:20 - Manuscript id #169
Variation law of pressure fluctuation during transient processes of variable-speed pumped storage units
Yifan Huang

15:40 - Manuscript id #171
Parametric design and multi-objective optimization on high-pressure side of a pump-turbine
Mr Yonglin Qin

Parallel 5c: Energy storage and flexibility / Measurement techniques and signal processing / Hydraulic turbines / Computational fluid dynamics and fluid structure interaction
Session chair: David Štefan
Location: R5 (view map)

14:40 - Manuscript id #132
1D numerical study of a multistage centrifugal pump during transient operation
Mr Aldo Leonardo Alerci

15:00 - Manuscript id #163
Real-time sediment monitoring in hydro power plants
Alexandre D Agostini Neto

15:20 - Manuscript id #57
Automated hydraulic design procedure for a Francis turbine spiral casing
Ms Marija Lazarevikj

15:40 - Manuscript id #70
Optimization of guide vanes for variable speed Francis turbines – human controlled vs. automated approach
Mr Filip Stojkovski

Parallel 6c: Vibration and fatigue loading
Session chair: Björn Huebner
Location: R9 (view map)

14:40 - Manuscript id #151
On the topic of added mass and acoustics in high head Francis runners
Dr Petter T.K. Østby

15:00 - Manuscript id #152
PZT actuators as onboard instruments to reduce vibrations and strains in submerged structures
Xavier Sánchez

15:20 - Manuscript id #158
Decomposition of the structural response of the Francis-99 runner during resonance
Dr Bjørn Winther Solemslie

15:40 - Manuscript id #161
Effect of unbalancing mass placement in hydropower generators with floating rotor rim
Mr David Rondon

16:15 - 17:00
Visit to the Waterpower Laboratory
Group 1
18:30 - 19:00
Choir concert in the Nidaros Cathedral
A Cappellissimo
Location: Nidaros Cathedral (view map)
19:30 - 22:00
Conference dinner
Location: Britannia Hotel (view map)

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