C-14 sample submission

C-14 sample submission

Who can submit samples?

The National Laboratory for Age Determination is dating samples for research and public institutions, as well as private customers.

What can be dated?

Generally, all materials younger than 50 000 years containing carbon can be dated by radiocarbon. However, the radiocarbon measurement does not result in accurate dates for all sample types. Typical sample materials, which usually gives good results, are wood, charcoal, bones, antlers, food residues, paper, leather, textiles, and carbonates such as shells or stalagmites. We have refined cleaning methods for samples that were subjected to conservation agents and other contaminants that are difficult to remove. If your sample does not fit any of the mentioned types or you expect unusual contamination, contact us so that we can give you advice whether radiocarbon dating is feasible.

How can I order radiocarbon dating?

  1. Check that you have suitable material for testing. When in doubt, contact us for clarification.
  2. Fill the submission form.
  3. Contact us to announce the coming samples and send the submission form.
  4. Pack sample material and send it.

How much does the dating cost?

Prices from February 2024.

The regular price per sample is NOK 4100. This price applies to charcoal, wood, charred and uncharred seeds, grains and plant remains, shells, corals, foraminifera and other carbonate samples, hair, wool and textiles.

We also offer fast handling (ca. 3 weeks) for NOK 5150 per sample and express dating (1-2 weeks treatment time) for NOK 6200 per sample.
An additional cost of NOK 630 applies if you want wood species determination (picking remains of short-lived tree species for dating in charcoals), or identification of fibres, textile or leather (depending on sample preservation).
And additional cost of NOK 500 per sample will be charged for soil or sediments with low carbon content (less than 3%), as well as for cremated bones.
An additional cost of NOK 1000 applies for samples such as bone, tooth, antler, hide, leather, and food remains from pottery, due to the more complicated extraction of these samples types. However, up to three isotope measurements (δ13C and δ15N) per sample are included in the price. Isotope analysis is important to judge the risk of reservoir effects in this type of samples.
All prices are given excl. VAT.

What is included in a dating?

The dating is summarized in a report containing result, description, interpretation and calibration. We are also available for advice, assistance in interpretation of results and general issues related to dating and sampling.

How long does it take to finish the dating?

The laboratory carries out dating as fast as possible. However, it might take up to a few weeks before results are sent depending on the number of samples waiting, the material you are sending for dating, as well as laboratory operation. It is possible to provide faster service (5-8 days) for samples that do not need complicated preparation steps. Please contact us if you need such a service before sending the samples.

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