3 Pronunciation

Norwegian diphthongs

Norwegian has five common diphthongs represented by the vowel sequences
< ai, ei, au, øy, oy >.

Diphthongs are two adjacent vowel sounds that are occurring within the same syllable. The pronunciation is done as a rapid, gliding shift from one vowel to another. The symbols used here for indicating the pronunciation of the words are equal to those found in The International Phonetic Alphabet, IPA.

Letter Speech sound (IPA) Norwegian words Pronunciation English
ai /ɑi/ kai /'kɑi/ quai
ei /æi/ hei /'hæi/ hello
au /æʉ/ sau /'sæʉ/ sheep
øy /øy/ øy /'øy/ island
oy /oy/ soya /'soyɑ/ soya