Innovation & Commercialisation

Work Package 7

Innovation & Commercialisation

Our objective is to foster innovation culture and outcomes throughout the Centre.

To facilitate innovation and ensure exploitation of research outcomes, an open mindset and mechanisms stimulating innovation will be implemented. The WP will provide new business opportunities through utilization of the research outcomes in development of new products, services, procedures, guidelines, standards, and technology. Training of young researchers, facilitating ideation, and monitoring potential for exploitation of research outcome will be elements in the innovation management within the SFI.

Use case solutions and new business opportunities will be developed up to a limited maturity within the framework of the SFI. Strategies will be established for further maturation and implementation of the use cases and individual business opportunities through alternative and appropriate pathways to impact. This may be alternative types of spin-off associated projects or spin-off companies. Examples of associated projects may be new, limited, and application-oriented partnership R&D projects, EU pathfinder projects, and pilot- and demonstration projects. The main activities include:

  • Task 7.1, which focuses on creating and maintaining innovation culture and innovation capability
  • Task 7.2 on IP management
  • Task 7.3 on Technology/knowledge transfer and innovation projects