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In the URBAN-EU-CHINA Innovation Platform on Sustainable Urbanisation, 12 experienced European and Chinese consortium partners from across the sustainable urbanisation value chain join forces to support the European Commission in its aim to make EU-China sustainable urbanisation cooperation more accessible, attractive, and rewarding for a broader set of stakeholders.

To accomplish this we organise a coordinated series of actions including: a strategic R&I agenda, scoping and assessment, networking events, peer-to-peer exchanges, bench-marking and monitoring, and joint demonstration projects.

By creating tighter coupling between city-level, national, and supra-national programmes, planning, policies, and projects, URBAN-EU-CHINA will yield a significant increase in cooperative EU-CHINA R&I activities.

As URBAN-EU-CHINA Innovation Platform, we will:

1. Promote and develop Joint Policy Strategies for EU-China cooperation on sustainable urbanisation

2. Create a Nursery of Joint Projects, from a broad range of low-threshold to a few high-performance projects

3. Promote Brokerage of City-Industry-Science Partnerships using virtual and face to face meeting places

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This Project is funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Commission

    URBAN-EU-CHINA-Grant Agreement Number 733571