NTNU Smart Sustainable Cities

NTNU Smart Sustainable Cities


NTNU Smart Sustainable Cities is/documents/21392748/0/SCC+Cover+image+%286%29.png/7fcae1a3-eb43-fc0c-19da-3027ea3a9266?t=1630492737296&imagePreview=1 a cross-disciplinary knowledge cluster of architects, planners, designers, artists, engineering, ICT, social and economic sciences. Together, we offer open urban innovation, co-creation and decision support for people-centric smart sustainable cities, supporting public and private sector as well as civic society with a unique merger of transformative, technological, artistic and practice-based research. With urban living labs, public-private partnerships and integrated design thinking, the initiative supports cities in their ambition to truly become cities for people, cities of culture, green cities, digital cities and learning cities – in short, truly smart and sustainable.

NTNU Smart Sustainable Cities coordinates amongst others the following projects and programmes: the   +CityxChange smart city lighthouse project, the EERA Joint Programme Smart CitiesHEU-NUP Horizon Europe Norwegian Urban Partnership. 

NTNU is a partner of the European Commission's New European Bauhaus initiative, and we contribute to the ENHANCE European Universities of Technology Alliance. 


New course in data-driven co-creation

New course in data-driven co-creation hosted by Smart Sustainable Cities


​​​​​​​Ålesund - Norway's first city with a digital twin. By Kenneth Vetter, CC BY 2.0

This new international course, hosted at NTNU by the Smart Sustainable Cities team during the Autumn semester of 2021, will introduce students to data as a tool for citizen participation. It will involve joint lectures with four universities, a funded week-long study trip within Norway, and group projects.



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