The Horizon Europe Norwegian Urban Partnership

​​​​​​​Horizon Europe Norwegian Urban Partnership (HEU NUP)​​​​​​​


HEU NUP is a long-term, cross-regional, quadruple helix ecosystem to influence the development and implementation of urban-related challenges in HEU. Building on the experiences from H2020 smart city lighthouse projects Triangulum and +CityxChange, and corresponding national/regional initiatives, HEU NUP showcase Norwegian experience and competency in co-creation and open urban innovation, as key drivers towards a climate-neutral Europe.


HEU NUP interlinks academic, industry and city initiatives by Nordic Edge, Smartbyene, UiS and NTNU to address HEU with higher impact, more efficiency, less fragmentation and less costs:

  • Build a Norwegian Urban Partnership with common governance to enable a more comprehensive,higher-impact, cohesive response to HEU strategic documents, draft calls and networks, across stakeholders from public and private sector, and academia
  • Co-create a portfolio of Norwegian competency and experiences, and corresponding policy briefs and white papers, in urban-related people-centric approaches, societal value and impact, open innovation, and climate-neutral solutions with high-quality of life, to influence HEU missions, clustersand partnerships. ​​​​​​​

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