Partners contribution

Resources, expertise, distribution of roles and collaboration


NTNU will contribute by:

  • Coordinating the HEU NUP project, using experienced EU project/programme coordinators, project developers, facilitators, governance experts, and financial, administrative and communication experts;

  • Facilitating an annual high-level Brussels seminar at a European Commission venue, through the NTNU Brussels office, in cooperation with other Norwegian regional European offices including, but not limited to, Stavanger region, South Norway, West Norway, North Norway, and Mid Norway;

  • Promoting Norwegian perspectives and safeguard Norwegian priorities towards the Mission Board on Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities, as member of the Mission Board Assembly (Annemie Wyckmans);

  • Promote Norwegian perspectives towards the Urban Partnership, as Research & Innovation Chair of the SET-Plan Action 3.2 Stakeholder Group, enabling  participation in the Steering Group led by Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe, where the Urban Partnership is actively being discussed;

  • Promote Norwegian perspectives towards the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities both as participant in Action Clusters, and taking part in the Board of Coordinators and Task Groups of the smart city lighthouse projects as Project Coordinator of +CityxChange;

  • Nurture HEU cohesive cooperation between research and businesses, as leader of the newly established CrowdHelix on Smart Cities.


Nordic Edge will contribute by:

  • Inviting high-level European City smart city experts to Nordic Edge, and use of the expo to discuss Norwegian initiatives and perspectives;

  • Cooperating with other European smart city clusters to develop and communicate uniform messages to decision makers, supporting idea generation through hosting local events around Norway, through Nordic Edge Expo, in cooperation with Smartbyene, and with other innovation clusters;

  • Aligning European perspectives with global initiatives through global events such as Nordic Edge China and Nordic Edge USA, and through an increasingly global Nordic Edge expo.


UiS will contribute by:

  • Coordinating Norwegian academic partners, in Norway as well as through the Brussels offices, including the Universities of Agder and Bergen, SINTEF, NORCE, and others; 

  • Promoting Norwegian perspectives through the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU, Brussels office). The ECIU Smart Regions Agenda puts challenge-based research and education at the core of regional development and innovation processes;

  • Cooperating with Norwegian EU network “Horisont vest”, which participates in relevant EU networks based on the interests of actors in Western Norway, towards Horizon Europe;

  • Feeding Norwegian perspectives to the European University Association (EUA) with the goal of influencing smart cities R&D policies at the European level.


Smartbyene will contribute by:

  • Communicating orchestrated Norwegian smart cities’ needs and interests, based on on-the-ground experience from cities in testing, piloting and procurement of solutions, innovation through quadruple helix collaboration, sharing of best practice and glorious failures; 

  • Providing valuable insight in the joint innovation efforts between cities and universities, currently piloted by NTNU and Trondheim municipality;

  • Promoting Norwegian perspectives through ERRIN and EUROCITIES to impact the Cities Mission. The Stavanger Region European Office as co-lead for the ERRIN working group on smart cities and communities will be able to influence through ERRIN director Pirita Lindholm as Mission Assembly member; both Stavanger municipality and the Stavanger Region European Office can influence EUROCITIES’ secretary general Anna Lisa Boni as Mission Board member.

  • Stavanger is part of the SCC01 smart city lighthouse project network since 2016, and coordinates the cross-project city task group of 47 Lighthouse and 74 Fellow Cities from the 17 smart city lighthouse projects (through the Triangulum project). Trondheim is a lighthouse city since 2018.