Current Projects, Programmes and Networks

Selection of projects, programmes and networks we are currently involved in. You can read more about previous projects from here

European Energy Research Alliance -Smart Cities Joint Programme (EERA JPSC)

Developing new scientific methods, concepts and tools designed to support European cities in their transformation into smart cities. 

The Research Centre of Zero Emission Neighbourhoods in Smart Cities (FMW ZEN)

Developing solutions for buildings and urban areas that will help the zero-emission society to be realized.


Urban Europe Research Alliance (UERA)                            The long term objective  is to accelerate the development of urban research and innovation activities to the point where they can be used by industries, cities and public authorities. 

Smart Cities (CIB Task Group 88)                   

The objectives are to analyse state-of-development on Smart City solutions; and ultimately to present how these can be scaled and replicated elsewhere.

Collaborating Smart Solar-Powered Microgrids (CoSSMic) 

Consortium is currently researching the coupling of solar panels with smart energy sharing solutions and storage capabilities for a sustainable future. 

Planning Instruments for Smart Energy Communities (PI-SEC)

The project is delivering efficient planning instruments for integrated energy design at the neighbourhood scale. 

Reconciling Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainable Development in Cities (RAMSES)

Providing evidence base that leads to reduced climate adaptation costs as well as better understanding and acceptance of adaptation measures in cities. 

Centre for Sustainable Energy Studies (CenSES) 

National research center for green energy is contributing to a better knowledge base to promote a more environmentally friendly energy.

Solar Energy in Urban Planning (IEA SHC Task 51)

Supporting urban decision makers to integrate solar energy solutions in urban planning and design, and increase the amount of renewable energy supply in cities.

   EU-China Innovation Platform on Sustainable Urbanization (URBAN-EU-CHINA)

Bringing together European and Chinese consortium partners to cooperate on sustainable urbanisation. 


Sino-Norwegian Partnership on Sustainable Energy (SiNoPSE) 

A partnership between NTNU and two leading Chinese universities with the aim of creating a triple helix collaboration on sustainable energy. 

The Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB)

The vision of the research centre is to eliminate the greenhouse gas emissions caused by buildings.