New NTNU Bauhaus

NTNU and the New European Bauhaus

NTNU is official partner of the EU commission's New European Bauhaus initiative. This will be an important and exciting partnership for the entire University.



By connecting science and technology with artistic and practice-based research in the cultural and creative sectors, social sciences and humanities, we can create the knowledge necessary to shape climate-neutral futures that are desirable and sustainable, attractive and inclusive.

Drawing on a diverse range of research methodologies — from scientific to practice- based and artistic —, NTNU explores the potentials, impacts and values of novel alliances across sectors, actors and contexts.

Sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion should be seen as complementary and interrelated dimensions. This allows us to imagine and explore novel pathways to impact and to take decisive steps toward achieving widespread climate-neutrality.

The goals, expectations and the potential of the official partnership with the New European Bauhauswere introduced and discussed in the first of a series of workshops to co-design NTNU’s partnership​​​​. This workshop was attended by more than 90 members of scientific and administrative staff at NTNU and SINTEF, on May 19, 2021​.

Participants presented a wide range of projects and experiences, discussed in break-out sessions together with colleagues what could be done, to co-design the scope of our collaboration, and to plan for new activities together – in NTNU, Norway, Europe and globally.

Since then, the NEB at NTNU forum meets on an irregular basis. The current challenge is to implement the ideas of the New European Bauhaus on local and international level, to build networks and consortia, and to collaborate on events, such as the NEB Seminar Series

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The NTNU partnership is hosted by NTNU Faculty of Architecture and Design