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Meet an AI Expert


Looking for guidance in starting up or further developing your AI project? 

The Norwegian Open AI Lab invites Norwegian businesses, public sector organisations, students and startups to reach out regarding exciting AI projects. We will do our best to connect you with an AI expert who can meet with you to discuss your project. 

We are open to help with different types of projects, as long as we see a potential in it and we have the required competences. If your project is selected, one of our experts at NTNU will meet with you for a one hour talk to discuss it. 

Applications will open in August 2021

We will open up for applications to Meet an AI Expert over the summer. In the meantime, you can prepare by gathering information about your project (see below for the information that we'll request).

Stay tuned!


We will ask for the following information about your project:

  • Your idea/project: Please describe your case/project. What are you trying to do, and how far along are you in developing your project?
  • Your data: Give a short description of the data that you are working with or have available
  • Specific issue: At this stage in your project, what do you need help with?