CA²RE AND CA²RE+ online conference and event 10-12 June

CA²RE AND CA²RE+ online conference and event 10-12 June

Info for doctoral students

Dear PhD candidates,

In email sent to you May 26 you will find a tentative version of the Session schedule outline.

Some more points to think about for you:

  1. Presentation
    Your presentation will either be on the 10th, 11th or 12th of June in one of two parallel streams 1 or 2. Session schedule outline was sent to you May 26 and will later be published on the website. The total length for each session will be 50 minutes and each candidate will have 20 minutes to present (this available time cannot be exceeded). The presentation will be done by sharing your screen/presentation with the rest of us and lead us through, as you would in a physical setting. Should you choose to use a video or a pre-recorded presentation to introduce your research, paper or artefact you will only have 12 minutes to do so. The reason for this time limit is that, in our experience, the information transfer will become too fast and therewith difficult to comment all parts. (the total length of the session will still be 50 minutes).
    Recorded presentations must be delivered before June 9 using the following link:
    Final presentation upload link (please include your name and title in the file name)
  1. Presenting yourself
    Given the current situation and the difficulties to interact outside the formal, we would ask you to prepare a short introduction of you and your working environment. For example, a short 1-2-minute movie of your practice and/ or your institution. If you are uncomfortable with a movie format, an oral presentation supported with some pictures is also possible. Please upload the self-presentation using the provided upload link by June 2:
    Self-introduction upload link (please include your name in the file name)
  2. ZOOM - Schedule, link and session
    Together with the final schedule and overview of all sessions we will send you the link for both presentation streams latest on June 08th. You will be able to log into your stream some minutes in advance before your presentation start, and the chair will take control for starting the session with a short introduction of all panel members. We strongly recommend that you use the ZOOM desktop app for the best experience during your presentation:
  3. ZOOM – trial or test possibility
    We will give everyone interested the possibility to test your presentation on the 08. of June from 09:00 to 12:00. The ZOOM link for this session har bees sent to you May 26.
  4. Uploading your presentation
    We ask you to upload your presentation by the 9th of June. This as a security for eventual data problems. . We will send you a reminder as well. Please use the link provided to deliver your presentation:
    Final presentation upload link (Remember to include your name and title in the file name)
  5. Your supervisor(s)
    Not all of you sent their supervisor names, please send us the missing information (you will see in the Session schedule outline) by email, potentially including the email address.
    Please do name (active) co-supervisors as well.
  6. Workshop and other parts
    We would like to encourage you to participate at the workshop and wrap- up sessions of this CA2RE conference/CA2RE+ event as well. You will get the link to the two parallel streams (1 and 2) some days before the actual conference. Please use the ZOOM link for Stream 1 to log in for common intro, workshop and wrap-up session.


Potential audience and viewers can register as late as June 5th.

«CA2RE and CA2RE+ online conference and event»


Upload for self-presentation, by June 2: Self-introduction upload link

Upload for final presentation, by June 9: Final presentation upload link


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.



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