New faces at CBD

Postdoc Marlène Gamelon
We welcome Marlène Gamelon to CBD!
Her research at CBD will be as follows: "Life history traits co-vary with each other, shaped by evolutionary trade-offs, at the individual scale leading to a large range of demographic tactics. Demographic tactics are thus variable among individuals, among populations but also among species. My main research activity seeks to understand the responses of species spanning a large range of life history tactics to variable environments. My research thus combines evolutionary demography, population dynamics and modelling. Key words: Demography, Evolution, Life history, Population dynamics, Wildlife".


Two two-year postdoctoral positions in Evolutionary Ecology are available at the Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics, which was recently appointed a Centre of Excellence (SFF) by the Research Council of Norway. The fellowships are financed by an Advanced Research Grant to the project "Stochastic population biology in a fluctuating environment" from the European Research Council. Both candidates will work on models of evolutionary processes in fluctuating environments. More information about the positions can be found here >> 
or by contacting Professor Bernt-Erik Sæther:
phone +47 73590584 or +47 90578544.