4 Grammar

4 Grammar


Imperative form

The imperative form of the verb is made by removing the infinitive -e:

å kjøpe to buy  →  Kjøp! Buy!
å stoppe  to stop  →  Stopp Stop!

Verbs that end in -mme have only one -m in the imperative:

å komme  to come  →  Kom!  Come!

When the infinitive form is short (consists of only one syllable) the infinitive and the imperative forms are the same:

å se to see  →  Se! See!
å gå  to walk  →  Gå!  Go/Walk!



Hvilken (which) is, in general, used to single out one object among many. This question word agrees with the noun's gender and number:

Hvilken pakke sender du?  hvilken in front of a masculine noun (en pakke)
Hvilken avis leser du? hvilken in front of a feminine noun (ei avis)
Hvilket bord vil du ha? hvilket in front of a neuter noun (et bord)
Hvilke aviser leser du? hvilke in front of plural nouns (aviser)

See Chapter 1 for more question words.