Research groups

Research groups

Read more about the work of the various research groups at the museum and get in touch with our researchers.

Research groups

Learn more about the BLUES research group


Effects of land use and climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Learn more about the mire research group

Bryophytes and mires

Vegetation ecology and conservation biology in mires and semi-natural habitats.

Learn more about the Environmental Archaeology research group

Environmental Archaeology

The group explores epistemological and ontological pathways to understand issues of core importance to studying ecological questions of the past.

Learn more about the Freshwater research group

Freshwater group

Human impacts on the habitats of brackish and freshwater species. 

Learn more about the Holomuseomics research group

From Foragers to Farmers

Northern hunter-gatherer and early farming societies.

Learn more about the Holomuseomics research group


Research on evolutionary history using novel genomic tools.

Learn more about the Iron Age to Historical Archaeology research group

Iron Age to Historical Archaeology

IAHA strives to increase the use of interdisciplinarity to answer archaeological questions between the Early Iron Age and recent history.

Learn more about Marine Ventures research group

Marine Ventures

Archaeological research on human relation to the sea.

Lær mer om forskergruppen MIOME


The group applies multidisciplinary approaches to investigate marine biodiversity.

Learn more about the Taxa research group


Integrative Taxonomy and DNA Barcoding.

Learn more about the Temar research group


Terrestrial, Marine and Aerial Remote sensing for archaeology.