Marine Ventures

Marine Ventures

Marine Ventures pictures

  • Bay in Wikirrh.
    Drone photo of Wikirrh, the largest of the settlements in Cambaceres, located to the right of the the bay. Photo: J. S. Eidshaug


  • Five people in forest.
    From the NTNU study trip to Tierra del Fuego in 2019, from left, Jo Sindre Eidshaug, Ole Risbøl, Bernt Rundberget, Ernesto Piana and Heidi M. Breivik. Note the large shell midden in the background. Photo: H. Bjerck


  • People walking by bay.
    Close-up from Wikirrh (Huevera) with abundant ring shaped shell middens, marking the positions of the more than hundred traditional huts at the settlement. Photo: H. Bjerck


  • Field work.


  • Hand hold old hunting equipment.


  • Lighthouse


  • Penguin colony
    Penguin colony in the Beagle Channel. Photo: H. M. Breivik


  • Field work.


  • Drone photo from the Åsgarden area with Søla in the background.
    Drone photo from the Åsgarden area with Søla in the background. At the time when the settlement was habituated, sea level was c. 65 m elevated. Photo: Jo Sindre Eidshaug.


  • Man writing outside.


  • Archaeological site.
    Hut foundation at Mohalsen, Vega, Northern Norway at a raised shoreline 70m above modern sea level – probably around 10 000 years old. Two circular pebble formations mark fireplaces. Photo: Åge Hojem


Research activity


  • Photo album on Flickr
    Photos from archaeological investigations on Tierra del Fuego, Argentina (2011-2013)
  • Photos from the exhibition
    Photos from the opening of the exhibition "Marine ventures - Stone Age foragers in the seascapes of Norway and Tierra del Fuego"