Nordic Polymer Days 2019


Friday 7 June

Venue: Electro building ("gamle elektro"), Gløshaugen Campus, NTNU (View campus map)


09:00 - 10:40
Parallell sessions
09:00 Mixed session Location: EL5
Session co-chairs: Wilhelm Glomm, Søren Hvilsted
- Topic 5: Other Topics in Polymer Science (1 paper)
- Topic 8: Polymers for Biomedical Applications (4 papers)
09:00 (O5.8) The Effect of Extender Particle Size on the Glass Transition Temperatures of Cured Epoxies
authors: Muhammad Ahsan Bashir, Martin Gjerde Jakobsen and Vivian B. Farstad
09:20 (O8.1) Utilizing Thiol-ene and Thiol-yne Chemistry to Create New Materials for Dental and Skeletal Repair
authors: Viktor Granskog, Mathieu Arseneault, Daniel Hutchinson and Michael Malkoch
09:40 (O8.2) pH responsive polyanions to aid cytosolic placement of nanoreactors
authors: Edit Brodszkij, Carina A. Ade, Bo Thingholm and Brigitte Stadler
10:00 (O8.3) Improving health with monodisperse beads
authors: Geir Fonnum and Pontus Lundberg
10:20 (O8.4) Polymer particles as scaffolds for 3D cell culture systems
authors: Wilhelm R. Glomm, Eugenia M. Sandru, Peter P. Molesworth, Hanne Haslene-Hox, Andrea D. Hoel and Masahiro Yasuda
09:00 Topic 6: Functional Polymers Location: EL6
Session co-chairs: Erik Andreassen, Heidi Johnsen
09:00 (O6.5) Three-layered onion micelles with soft poly(lauryl acrylate) core: co-assembly and morphological transition.
authors: Vikram Baddam and Anastasiia Murmiliuk, Sergey K. Filippov, Zdeněk Tošner, Michael Gradzielski, Stergios Pispas, Athanasios Skandalis and Miroslav Štěpánek
09:20 (O6.6) Polyoxalates for marine antifouling coatings
authors: Kjartan Tobias Boman, Cecilia Winander and Marit Dahling
09:40 (O6.7) Self-healing polymers for durable icephobicity
authors: Yizhi Zhuo, Jianying He and Zhiliang Zhang
10:00 (O6.8) From ultrafiltration to nanofiltration by controlled pore collapse of modified polyethersulfone membranes
authors: Libor Zverina, Manuel Pinelo, John M. Woodley and Anders E. Daugaard
10:20 (O6.9) Low-bandgap donor-acceptor polymer brushes
authors: Anna Gruszkiewicz and Szczepan Zapotoczny
10:40 - 11:10
Coffe break
11:10 - 12:40
Plenary & closing ceremony

Location: EL5
Chairperson: Kristofer Paso

11:10 Invited speaker: Michael Malkoch
"Click composites as future standard-of-care materials for bone fractures and dental restorations"
11:40 Invited speaker: Anne Ladegaard Skov
"Glycerol-silicone elastomers – application perspectives"
authors: Piotr Stanislaw Mazurek, Liyun Yu and Anne Ladegaard Skov
12:10 Closing ceremony
12:40 - 13:40

Location: Kafé Elektro

End of conference – Safe journeys home!

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Topics & color scheme
Topic 1:
Polymer characterization
Topic 2:
Polymer Composites
Topic 3:
Environmental Aspects of Polymers
Topic 4:
Topic 5:
Other Topics in Polymer Science
Topic 6:
Functional Polymers
Topic 7:
Polymer Theory and Modelling
Topic 8:
Polymers for Biomedical Applications



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