Nordic Polymer Days 2019


Thursday 6 June

Venue: Electro building ("gamle elektro"), Gløshaugen Campus, NTNU (View campus map)


08:30 - 09:30

Location: EL5
Chairperson Reidar Lund

08:30 Invited speaker: Monika Österberg
"Surface-tailored functional and ecological materials from wood polymers"
09:00 Invited speaker: Dag W. Breiby
"Bio-based nanomaterials, their isolation, properties and composites"
09:30 - 09:40
Short break (changeover time)
09:40 - 10:20
Parallell sessions
09:40 Topic 4: Biopolymers Location: EL5
Session co-chairs: Monika Österberg, Pontus Lundberg
09:40 (O4.1) Fibrillation of unbleached Kraft softwood pulp to lignin-containing microfibrillated cellulose
authors: Erfan Oliaei, Pär Lindén, Qiong Wu, Fredrik Berthold, Lars Berglund and Tom Lindström
10:00 (O4.2) Responsive hydrogels as recognition and transducing elements in biosensing: Spatiotemporal response of DNA-co-acrylamide hydrogels
authors: Eleonora Parelius Jonasova and Bjørn Torger Stokke
09:40 Topic 5: Other Topics in Polymer Science Location: EL6
Session co-chairs Reidar Lund, Heiki Tenhu
09:40 (O5.1) The Thermal Analysis Toolkit for Characterising Polylactic Acid
authors: Els Verdonck and Philip Davies
10:00 (O5.2) Mechanical properties of polyamide 12 parts made by powder bed fusion (additive manufacturing)
authors: Erik Andreassen, Ivanna Baturynska, Marius Johansen and Marius Andersen
10:20 - 10:50
Coffee break
10:50 - 12:30
Parallell sessions
10:50 Topic 4: Biopolymers Location: EL5
Session co-chairs: Monika Österberg, Pontus Lundberg
10:50 (O4.3) Making good use of lignin – from a low-value biopolymer to energy storage devices
authors: Jiayuan Wei, Shiyu Geng, Olli Pitkänen, Topias Järvinen, Krisztian Kordas and Kristiina Oksman
11:10 (O4.4) Lignin – a biopolymer from forestry biomass for biocomposites and 3D printing
authors: Mihaela Tanase Opedal, Eduardo Espinosa Víctor, Johnny Kvakland Melbø, Alejandro Rodríguez Pascual and Gary Chinga-Carrasco
11:30 (O4.5) From the seaweed forest to multifunctional, bio-inspired foams
authors: Linn Berglund Lucas Gerardin, Boris Valldecabres, and Kristiina Oksman
11:50 (O4.6) Lignin-lipid capsules as renewable hybrid materials for sustainable material applications
authors: Mika H. Sipponen, Tao Zou, Alexander Henn and Monika Österberg
12:10 (O4.7) Functionalized CNF for materials and biomarker sensing
authors: Julien Navarro and Ulrica Edlund
10:50 Mixed session Location: EL6
Session co-chairs Reidar Lund, Heiki Tenhu
- Topic 5: Other Topics in Polymer Science (4 papers)
- Topic 7: Polymer Theory and Modelling (1 paper)
10:50 (O5.3) Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance of the Conjugated Polymer Poly(3-hexylthiophene) through Tensile Drawing
authors: Jonna Hynynen, Emmy Järsvall, Renee Kroon, Yadong Zhang, Stephen Barlow, Seth R. Marder, Martijn Kemerink, Anja Lund and Christian Müller
11:10 (O5.4) Revealing correlations of bonding area and pilling behaviour of polypropylene non-wovens using a novel objective test method
authors: Karsten Leucker, Janosch Amtmann and Dirk W. Schubert
11:30 (O5.5) Investigating crystallization and thermal stability of polymers by fast scanning calorimetry
authors: Markus Schubnell and Jürgen Schawe
11:50 (O5.6) A novel approach for in-situ measurement of residual strain in FDM using Optical Backscatter Reflectometry
authors: Shaoquan Wang, Kaspar Lasn, Christer Westum Elverum and Andreas T. Echtermeyer
12:10 (O7.1) Creep of Epoxy in Water: Time-Temperature-Concentration Superposition
authors: Andrey E. Krauklis, Anton G. Akulichev, Abedin I. Gagani and Andreas T. Echtermeyer
12:30 - 13:30

Location: Kafé Elektro

13:30 - 14:00
Invited speaker: Mikael Lund "Ion Specific Effects on Polymer Interactions"
authors: Stefan Hervø-Hansen, Richard Chudoba and Mikael Lund

Plenary, Location: EL5
Chairperson Rita S Dias

14:00 - 14:10
Short break (changeover time)
14:10 - 16:10
Parallell sessions
14:10 Mixed session Location: EL5
Session co-chairs Wilhelm Glomm, Finn Knut Hansen
- Topic 4: Biopolymers (1 papers)
- Topic 5: Other Topics in Polymer Science (1 paper)
- Topic 6: Functional Polymers (4 papers)
14:10 (O4.8) Thermal and water barrier properties of CNF based aerogels and nanocomposites
authors: Muhammad Farooq, Tao Zou, Guillaume Riviere, A. Seppälä, Mika H. Sipponen and Monika Österberg
14:30 (O5.7) Degradation of polyamide-based multilayer fuel line exposed to bio and petroleum diesel under “in-vehicle” conditions
authors: Xinfeng Wei, Ulf W.Gedde and Mikael S. Hedenqvist
14:50 (O6.1) Novel polymer architectures for CO2 selective membranes
authors: Marius Sandru, Per Stenstad, Eugenia Sandru, Jing Deng and Liyuan Deng
15:10 (O6.2) Stimuli-responsive polymers as functional materials to discriminate complex mixtures
authors: Xiaomin Qian, Fabian Itel, Noga Gal and Brigitte Städler
15:30 (O6.3) Microencapsulation by complex coacervation of oil soluble vitamins
authors: Eugenia Sandru, Wilhelm Glomm, Le Thuy Truong, Peter Molesworth and Heidi Johnsen
15:50 (O6.4) Counterion turns poly(ionic liquid)-PEG copolymer thermoresponsive
authors: Vikram Baddam and Heikki Tenhu
10:50 Topic 7: Polymer Theory and Modelling Location: EL6
Session co-chairs Rita S Dias, Mikael Lund
14:10 (O7.2) Thermoplastic elastomers – Long-term mechanical properties for sealing applications
authors: Anna-Maria Persson, Erik Andreassen, Kristian Martinsen and Einar L. Hinrichsen
14:30 (O7.3) Effect of initial thickness for the onset of buckling in hydrogel plates
authors: Arne Ilseng, Victorien Prot, Bjørn H. Skallerud and Bjørn T. Stokke
14:50 (O7.4) Revealing novel power laws and quantization in electrospinning considering jet splitting – towards predicting fiber diameter and its distribution
authors: Dirk W. Schubert
15:10 (O7.5) Quantitative understanding of ionization of weak polyelectrolytes and weak polyampholytes: simulations vs. experiment
authors: Raju Lunkad, Anastasiia Murmiliuk, Milan Boublík, Pavel Dubský, Pascal Hebbeker, Miroslav Štěpánek and Peter Košovan
15:30 (O7.6) Monte Carlo simulation of halloysite nanotube and polyelectrolyte
authors: Hyejeong Cheon, Morten Stornes, Costanza Tedesco and Rita S. Dias
15:50 (O7.7) Exploring mechanically-induced charge regulation in weak polyelectrolytes by computer modelling
authors: Pablo M. Blanco, Josep Lluís Garcés, Francesc Mas and Sergio Madurga
16:10 - 18:00
Poster session & coffe
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Location: mingling area (outside EL5/EL6)
End of scientific program - day 2
Conference dinner

Location: Banksalen
Street address: Kongens gate 4
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Polymer characterization
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Polymer Composites
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Environmental Aspects of Polymers
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Other Topics in Polymer Science
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Functional Polymers
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Polymer Theory and Modelling
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Polymers for Biomedical Applications



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