Nordic Polymer Days 2019


Poster session on Thursday 6 June, 16:10 - 18:00.

Topic 1 Polymer characterization
(P1.) Electrostatic coassembly of thermoresponsive double hydrophilic block polyelectrolytes
authors: Anastasiia Fanova, Miroslav Štěpánek and Stergios Pispas
(P2.)Influence of polymer morphology and oxygen containing species on the DC conductivity for low-density polyethylene
authors: Mattias Karlsson, Xiangdong Xu, Mikael Hedenqvist, Fritjof Nilsson and Richard Olsson
(P3.)Steric Stabilisation of Liposomes in the Presence of Surface Active Peptides using End-Capped Poly(Ethylene Oxide) and PEGylated Phospholipids
authors: Victoria Ariel Bjørnestad, Josefine Eilsø Nielsen and Reidar Lund
Topic 2: Polymer Composites
(P4.) Challenges in extrusion of nanocellulose reinforced thermoplastics
authors: Abhijit Venkatesh, Johannes Thunberg, Karin Sahlin-Sjövold, Roland Kádár, Christian Muller, Gunnar Westman, Mikael Rigdahl and Antal Boldizar
(P5.) Revealing the Interfacial Tension between Polypropylene and an Ethylene-Norbornene Copolymer via Palierne's Emulsion Model
authors: Alessandro Amella, Siegfried Werner, Joachim Kaschta and Dirk W. Schubert
(P6.) Sustainable pathway towards large scale melt processing of cellulose-polyamide composites
authors: Bashar Haseeb, Antal Boldizar and Giada Lo Re
(P7.) Advanced rheological characterization of cellulose based systems
authors: Sylwia Wojno and Roland Kádár
(P8.) Polyelectrolyte-Nanodiamond Hybrids
authors: Tony Tiainen, Teemu T.T. Myllymäki, Timo Hatanpää, Heikki Tenhu and Sami Hietala
Topic 3: Environmental Aspects of Polymers
(P9.) Mechanical properties and lifetime prediction of recycled High-Density Polyethylene
authors: Ole Vidar Lyngstad, Eline Gridset, Andrea Pettersen Helåsen, Hannah Thorunn Monsø and Runar Stenerud
Topic 4: Biopolymers
(P10.) Cross-linking of TEMPO-CNF with Willow Bark Extract
authors: T. Lohtander, S. Arola S and P. Laaksonen
(P11.) Nano-cellulose coatings for antifouling and mechanical enhanced polyethersulfone (PES) membranes
authors: Andrea Aguilar-Sánchez, Blanca Jalvo and Aji P. Mathew
(P12.) Lignin-based hybrid nanocapsules for phase-change materials
authors: Alexander Henn, Mika Sipponen and Monika Österberg
(P13.) Microencapsulation of Vitamin A Palmitate and E from Oil to Powder by Spray Drying
authors: Le Thuy Truong, Eugenia Sandru, Peter Molesworth, Wilhelm Glomm and Heidi Johnsen
(P14.) Protein/protein Nanocomposite Based on Whey Protein Nanofibrils in a Whey Protein Matrix
authors: Xinchen Ye, Kristina Junel, Mikael Gällstedt, Maud Langton, Xin-Feng Wei, Christofer Lendel
Topic 5: Other Topics in Polymer Science
(P15.) Novel Absorbent Materials Obtained from Plant Proteins
authors: Antonio Capezza, William Newson, Richard Olsson, Mikael Hedenqvist and Eva Johansson
(P16.) High precision monitoring of ionic strength dependent swelling of cationic hydrogels: A basis for finite element modelling
authors: Nataša Žuržul, Arne Ilseng, Victorien E. Prot, Bjørn T. Stokke and Bjørn H. Skallerud
(P17.) Molecular structure influence on bending behavior of polyester-filaments examined using a modified cantilever bending test
authors: Tim Höhnemann, Marcus Himmler and Dirk Wolfram Schubert
(P18.) Precipitation of ZnO in presence of cellulose
authors: Billy Hoogendoorn, Björn Birdsong, Mattias Karlsson and Richard T Olsson
(P19.) Macroscopic cellulose probes for the measurement of polymer grafted surfaces
authors: Andrea Träger, Gregor Klein, Christopher Carrick, Torbjörn Pettersson, Mats Johansson, Lars Wågberg, Samuel A. Pendergraph and Anna Carlmark
(P20.) Comparison of natural and accelerated aged DH pipes
authors: Alberto Vega, Nazdaneh Yarahmadi and Ignacy Jakubowicz/em>
Topic 6: Functional Polymers
(P21.) Synthesis and characterization of surface-grafted conductive polymer brushes
authors: Gabriela Grześ, Karol Wolski and Szczepan Zapotoczny
(P22.) Optimization of self-templating polymerization towards a facile and efficient synthesis of polythiophene-based brushes
authors: Joanna Rokita, Anna Gruszkiewicz, Karol Wolski and Szczepan Zapotoczny
(P23.) Understanding migration behaviour of non-ionic surfactants in polypropylene
authors: Khushdeep Sharma, Franz Lanyi and Dirk W. Schubert
(P24.) Thermoresponsive polymers for kinetic gas hydrate inhibition
authors: Erik Gisle Dirdal and Malcolm A. Kelland
(P25.) Phase behaviour of poly(2-propyl-2-oxazoline)s
authors: Fabian Pooch Francoise M. Winnik and Heikki Tenhu
(P26.) BioFENE™ based initiator for the anionic polymerizations of bi-functional butadiene homo- and co-polymers
authors: Pleska Alexander, Chao Herbert, Pytela Jindřich and Trnka Tomáš
(P27.) UCST-type nanogels for enzymatic catalysis
authors: Dong Yang and Sami Hietala
Topic 7: Polymer Theory and Modelling
(P28.) Prediction of Plasticization Mechanisms for Starch based Plastics: Experimental and Molecular Dynamics Approach
authors: Hüsamettin D. Özeren, Fritjof Nilsson, Richard Olsson and Mikael S. Hedenqvist
(P29.) Revealing critical model parameters for predicting the bioprintability of hydrogel systems
authors: Stefan Schrüfer and Dirk W. Schubert
(P30.) Revealing novel power laws and quantization in electro-spinning considering jet splitting - Experimental
authors: Vincent Allen, Ursula Gunselmann and Dirk W. Schubert
(P31.) Using Monte Carlo simulation to probe gel-nanoparticle interfaces with restricted polymers to mimic surface topologies
authors: Nicholas Christiansen and Rita S. Dias
(P32.) Tuning the interactions of oligopeptides with star-like polyelectrolytes by means of charge regulation
authors: Raju Lunkad, Anastasiia Murmiliuk, Milan Boublík, Pavel Dubský, Mariusz Uchman, Pascal Hebbeker, Miroslav Štěpánek, Peter Košovan
Topic 8: Polymers for Biomedical Applications
(P33.) Soft alginate hydrogels modified with bioactive peptides as extracellular matrices for 3D fibroblast culture
authors: Daria Zaytseva-Zotova, R. Ruohola, W.I. Strand, A. Akbarzadeh, H. Haslene-Hox, Ø. Arlov, A. Vikenes, A.D. Hoel, G. Klinkenberg, Finn L. Aachmann, H. Sletta and Berit L. Strand
(P34.) Polysaccharide-based Liquid-Core Nanocapsules as Perfluorocarbons Delivery Systems
authors: Małgorzata Janik, Katarzyna Sobolewska and Szczepan Zapotoczny
(P35.) Electrospun PCL-Collagen nanofiber membranes as substitutes for posterior lamellar keratoplasty
authors: Marcus Himmler, Fabian Garreis, Friedrich Paulsen, Dirk W. Schubert and Thomas A. Fuchsluger

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Nordic Polymer Days 2019
5 - 7 June 2019

NTNU, Trondheim, Norway



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