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  • marine aquaculture

    OceanLab Node 3: Aquaculture

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OceanLab node 3 Aquaculture is integrated in and operated by SINTEF ACE as a full scale laboratory for aquaculture technology. Four industrial size commercially operated sites in Møre & Romsdal and Trøndelag are prepared for full scale R&D with/ without live fish.

The setup provided by node 3 for the sites is a comprehensive collection of permanent measuring sensors;

  • oxygen saturation
  • temperature (water)
  • salinity
  • turbidity
  • echo sounders
  • video and split beam (on 1 site)
  • current (speed and direction)
  • waves (height, period and direction)
  • weather conditions
    • air temperature
    • wind speed/ gust and direction
    • air pressure
    • air humidity
  • load shackles on mooring system (on 2 sites)
  • accelerometer (or MRU) on net cage (on 2 sites)

The infrastructure of node 3 will provide local storing of data and additional connection points for extra sensors and tools when experiments need enhanced data sets.

During the experiments it is possible to use of other tools such as additional video cameras, ROV, hoisting crane, air drone, additional load shackles, accelerometer, GPS/ MRU (motion response unit) and other sensors such as conductivity and other dissolved gases.

Data will be synchronised and transmitted to central storage through the e-infrastructure (node 5) for further use. Furthermore will the infrastructure enable experiments on automated crane operations in aquaculture.