Scientific Program

Scientific Program


Tuesday, 29 Aug

Wednesday, 30 Aug









Programme as at 18 August 2017;
papers are listed by short titles.

Rooms: [A] = Amfiet, second floor
[LT] = Lars Tiller, basement



Coffee and tea will be served both on the
second floor and in the basement, but must not be brought inside Amfiet.

Coffee breaks will take place on the second floor.




09:00 Plenary Lecture [A]

Maria Rentetzi, “Living with radiation: What historians of chemistry have to do
with science diplomacy and international organizations”

(chair: I. Suay-Matallana)


10:15 Coffee Break


Session A1 [A]

Panel: Chemists and the IUPAC: Taking
Responsibility and Taking Actions
(organisers: D .Fauque, B. Van Tiggelen)

Ø D. Fauque, chair

·  R. Brashear, “The Archives of the IUPAC”

·  Y.Kikuchi, “Japan’s Engagement with
International Chemistry”

·  D. Fauque, “French Chemists in IUPAC”

·  E. A. Zaitseva (Baum), “Russian Presidents
of the IUPAC”

·  A. E. Robinson, “Order and Discipline”

·  B. Van Tiggelen, “Commentator and
Round Table Discussion”

Session B1 [LT]

Alchemy and Early Chemistry

Ø  P. Teissier, chair

·   A. Wittstock, “Transmitting alchemical knowledge”

·   B. T. Moran, “Particles and Panacea”

·   W. Li, “Wilhelm Homberg’s paradigm transition”

·    C. Abney Salomon, “Pocket Laboratory
in 18th-C Sweden”


12:45 Lunch Break


Session A2 [A]

Panel: The chemical innovation system
in the „Third Reich“

(organiser: C. Reinhardt)

Ø C. Reinhardt, chair

·  H. Maier, “Limits of Growth”

·  M. Stöcken, “Documentation of foreign
scientific literature”

·   S. Große-Wilde, “’Heimstoffe’ made
of cellulose”

Session B2 [LT]

Women in Chemistry

Ø  M. Rentetzi, chair

·   G. Boeck; T. Peppel, “First Women at Rostock”

·   Y. Alexiou, “Limits of participation”

·   E. Lõhkivi, “Gendered Workplace”



15:30 Coffee Break


Session A3 [A]

Elements and the Structure of Matter

Ø  C. Nawa, chair

·   J. Trofast, “Jacob Berzelius - Cerium,

·   S. Waring, “Wollaston and Dalton”

·   H. Kutzke, “Polymorphic organic compounds”

·   D. Liu “Micelles and Molecules”

·  K. Ruthenberg; B. Van Tiggelen, “Definition of chemical element”

·   H. Kragh, “Superheavy elements”

Session B3 [LT]

Dyes and Pigments in History

Ø  A. Petersen, chair

·   E. Homburg, “Quality Control Dutch Madder”

·   M. Pinto, “Historical pigments”

·   A. Quye, “Early synthetic dyes”

·   F. Saeland, “Titanium White”

Session B3a [LT]

Recent Chemistry:
New methodological approaches

Ø  Y. Kikuchi, chair

·   B. Hervy, M. Quantin, P. Teissier, “Solid State Chemistry”

·    M. Indergaard, “Polysaccharide research”




17:30 Registration starts


18:30 Opening Session [A]
(chair: A. Lykknes)

18:00 Excursion to Sverresborg
(optional, snack/light lunch included)


19:00 Plenary lecture [A]

Hasok Chang, “What history tells us about
the nature of chemistry”

(chair: B. Van Tiggelen)


20:00 Welcome Party


21:00 Guided ‘Warming-up’

Reconstruction and re-enactment of a
sixteenth-century distillation furnace

L. Kvittingen, F. Kirkemo





Thursday, 31 Aug

Friday, 1 Sept

2 Sept



08:30 Business Meeting Working Party [A]
(for delegates, guests welcome)



09:00 Plenary Lecture [A]

Anders Lundgren, “Science in chemical industry:
what did it do?”

(chair: C. Meinel)

Excursion to Røros (optional, advance booking required)


10:15 Coffee Break

10:15 Coffee Break


Session A4 [A]

Panel: Toxic Products:
Communicating toxicity

(organisers: X. Guillem, J.R. Bertomeu)

Ø  X. Guillem, chair

·   C. Florensa; C. Sans Ponseti, “Radiation, Scientists and
Publics in Spain”

·   A. Nieto-Galan, “Chemical
Pollution the Public Sphere”

·   J. Gil-Farrero, “Nobody Wants Landfills”

·   J. M. Galech, “Negative
sculptures of toxicity”

·   J. R. Bertomeu, Commentator

Session B4 [LT]

Science teaching: Historical

Ø  G. Boeck, chair

·   P. Grapí, “Fourcroy and chemistry education”

·   K.Kiprijanov, “Learning with

·   I. Malaquias, “19th-C Portuguese education”

·   J.A. Pariente Silván, “Science in
the Classroom”

·   V. Milanovic; D. D. Trivic,
“Chemistry Textbooks in Serbia”

·   F.León Olivares, “Material culture of chemistry lecture”

Session A7 [A]

Boundary work:
Chemistry and Economy

Ø  E. Homburg, chair

·   K. Schranz, “Carmichael
Smyths’s Nitrous Acid“

·   C. Halm, “Agricultural

·   I. Suay-Matallana, “Customs Laboratory of Lisbon”

·   L. Zwisler, “Flow injection

·   K. A. Nier, “Military industrial tool”

Session B7 [LT]

Biographical approaches

Ø  E. Zaitseva, chair

·   A. Espelund “Sven Rinman”

·   L. Saarlos “Edward Frankland”

·   C. Bovolo “Ascanio Sobrero”

·   E. Campos, “Edwin Cohn”

·   M. Shindell, S. Ramasastry,
“Toshiko Mayeda”


12:45 Lunch Break

12:45 Lunch Break


Session A5 [A]

Panel: Toxic Products: Toxic Risks
(organisers: X. Guillem, José R. Bertomeu)

Ø  J. R. Bertomeu, chair

·   R. Lutz, “Petroleum Progress”

·   P. Punter-Chiva, “Climate Change Spanish Deniers””

·   C. Teixeira, M. C. Lourenço, “Toxic Substances in Scientific Collections”

·   X. Guillem, Commentator

Session B5

Chemistry teaching:
new approaches

Ø  G. Pallo, chair

·   L. Moreno-Martinez, “Modesto Bargallo”

·   T. Hagendijk, “Learning from

·   A.Marchal Ingrain, “History of
Periodic Table”

·   U. Eikeseth, “Asbestos and
chemistry teaching”

Session A8 [A]

Panel: Relating Chemistry: Translating Chemistry Across Linguistic, Disciplinary, and Physical Boundaries
(organiser: C. Berkowitz)

Ø  C. Berkowitz, chair

·  C. Berkowitz, “James Woodhouse and Chemistry”

·   J. Beckman, “Jöns Jacob
Berzelius and Swedish”

·   Y. Siderer, “Historical, Cultural and Linguistic Study in

·   H. Chang, “Huaxue Qiushu:
The Peak of the Introduction
of Western Chemistry”

Session B8 [LT]

Polymers and Plastics
[sponsor: INEOS/INOVYN]

Ø  P. Morris, chair

·   A. Petersen “Early Danish Plastics Industry”

·   M.E. Callapez, T. Mota “Plastic, Anthropocene and Time”


Session B8a [LT]

“All Things Bakelite”
[sponsor: INEOS/INOVYN]

Preview of a documentary film by Hugh Karraker (great grandson of Leo Baekeland)


15:30 Coffee Break

15:30 Coffee Break


Session A6 [A]

Panel: Toxic Products:
Toxic Risks (contd.)

(organisers: X. Guillem, José R. Bertomeu)

Ø  C. Florensa, chair

·   J. R. Bertomeu-Sánchez,
“Arsenic in Spain (1840-1940)”

·   F. Hachez-Leroy, “Aluminium in Food: the forgotten Contro-

·   X. Guillem-Llobat, “Fighting pests with hydrogen cyanide”

·   S. Arapostathis, “Fertilising Farms and Institutional

·   E. Aucouturier, “French
Chemical Weapons Trials
in the Algerian Sahara”

·   A. Nieto-Galán, Comments and Concluding Remarks

Session B6 [LT]

Chemistry teaching:
new approaches (contd.)

Ø  I. Malaquias, chair

·   E. Maia; R. Pestana, “Influence of TV series”

·   A. Ghosh; C. Wamser, “Arrow Pushing”

·   K de Berg, “A view of the
iron(III) thiocyanate”

·   J. Chamizo, “Fifth Chemical

16:00-17:30 Closing Session A9 [A]

Panel: What future for the
history of recent chemistry
and molecular sciences? New Challenges in the History of Chemistry and the Molecular Sciences
(organisers: J. A. Johnson;
C. Meinel;
B. Van Tiggelen)

Ø  B. Van Tiggelen, chair

·   B. Bensaude-Vincent

·   L. Jiang

·   Y. Kikuchi

·   C. Mody

·    C. Reinhardt



18:30 Organ Concerto, Nidaros Cathedral
(optional and free)

18:00 Excursion to Ladestien
(optional, snack/light lunch included)


20:00 Conference Dinner
(for registered participants, tram to the venue leaves ca. 19:30)






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